Caution: Images may be disturbing to some viewers

British Pathé is one of the worlds’s oldest media companies. Founded in the 1890s by Charles Pathé, they helped pioneer the use of moving images as a means of documenting and recording the news of the day. Occasionally the images they captured were, tragically, the last moments of someone’s life.

There’s some morbid fascination watching these old films that perfectly capture the terror of “that moment”. That moment when a man wants so desperately to fly like a bird. A woman sacrifices her life for women’s rights. A fighter pilot fights for his life as his cockpit slowly fills with seawater. Just be forewarned, this footage may not be appropriate for some audiences.

You can see many more videos on the British Pathé YouTube channel and “10 More Tragedies Caught on Film” on their website.

H/T Reddit

Posted by James Poling

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