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  1. McCain knows that there is no mystery to waste his attentions on.

    It’s about Syria’s position on the map, and their ability to block or allow pipelines. All other issues are just distractions for public relations.

    It’s a little complicated but please bear with me. Links to articles about this at the bottom. Most of the media are not giving this all that much attention.

    Two pipelines are being planned.

    Pipeline route: Iran-Iraq-Syria-EU.
    Material: Crude Oil
    Benefits: Iran, Iraq, EU
    Hurts: other oil exporters, like Saudi Arabia
    Syria’s position: they are allowing it.
    Timing: Iran, Iraq an Syrian oil ministers met late July and signed a memorandum of understanding that they all agree in principle to do this

    Pipeline route: Saudi Arabia-Jordan-Syria-EU
    Material: Natural Gas
    Benefits: Saudi Arabia, EU
    Hurts: Russia (they currently dominate the EU natgas market)
    Syria’s position: they are blocking it for their Russian allies.



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