Month: December 2013

Pub fires head chef, forgets he has access to their Twitter account

If you’re going to fire someone you should probably make sure they aren’t the ones handling your business’ social media accounts. The Plough Pub in Oxfordshire, England fired its head chef who immediately took to […]

Redditor posts selfie taken in the White House bathroom

What an amazing world we live in. Two days ago redditor Chimps_Rnt_Monkeys posted a thread on r/FancyFollicles asking for advice on how to wear her hair to the White House Holiday Press Party. Her significant […]

Sign language interpreter at Mandela memorial was faking it

The guy that was standing on the stage signing yesterday at the Mandela memorial knows as much sign language as I do, which is none. Well, I do at least know how to say “thank […]

Canadian airline WestJet pulls off one of the best Christmas ‘miracles’ you’ll see

Canada’s low-cost carrier WestJet decided to make holiday travel a little more tolerable for a few of its passengers and they brought Santa in to help them. It’s actually pretty touching. Here’s the gist of […]

NYC now contains 22,000 homeless children, the highest number since the Great Depression

The New York Times has written a fascinating expose on a few of the city’s now 22,000 homeless children living on the streets or in shelters across New York City. In the short span of […]

Edward Snowden: Intelligence agents ‘posed as Orcs in World of Warcraft to monitor terrorists’

It sounds like the hackers at the NSA somehow convinced their clueless superiors that a good way to monitor terrorist activity was by playing the online MMORPG World of Warcraft. A briefing document published by […]

Finger painting of Morgan Freeman done on an iPad looks exactly like a photograph

This image is still blowing my mind. This is a finger painting that was created on an iPad by artist Kyle Lambert. It took 285,000 brush finger strokes and 200 hours to complete. If this […]

Good guy Peyton Manning RSVPs to random wedding invitation

Reddit user LackadaisicalRomp‘s sister sent Peyton Manning an invitation to her wedding and to her surprise he replied. Sadly, he respectfully declined but he did sign the invitation likley giving the newlyweds one of the […]

DMX singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

It’s difficult to decide if this is the best or worst version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer you’ve ever heard. After seeing this though, I’d pay money to see DMX do “Silent Night”.