Month: January 2014

Right now reddit and Dogecoin are teaming up to feed homeless people pizza for the next bazillion years

A couple of hours ago reddit user myniga562 posted a thread announcing that he had bought as much pizza as he could buy with 50k Dogecoins (which turns out to be nine Domino’s pizzas) and […]

Simon Beck creates beautiful snow art with his feet

Artist Simon Beck uses only his snow shoes, a compass and what must be unlimited amounts of patience to create this amazing designs in the snow at ski resorts and other snowy type vacation-y things. […]

Vancouver Canucks vs. Calgary Flames Brawl

Is it wrong that I think that this pretty much how all hockey games should start?

Senior citizens in a nursing home recreate scenes from classic movies for a calendar

This must be the coolest nursing home on the planet. This is the calendar they made this year with some of their residents dressed up in some of their favorite movie characters re-enacting scenes from […]

Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David and Jason Alexander are up to something

So Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David and Jason Alexander were all spotted outside Tom’s Restaurant (Monk’s Diner in the Seinfeld series) today. The diner shut down for a few hours and there were film crews there […]

Guy builds a kick ass ice fort in his backyard (Yes, he’s Canadian)

Reddit user UnspeakableFilth posted a gallery of photos of this awesome ice fort he’s been working on in his back yard for a few weeks. In early December 2013, temperatures in Northwestern Ontario averaged a […]

Nightmarish 12′ squid found off the coast of Japan

Is it too soon to blame Fukushima for this giant devil beast? The 4m (12ft) beast was found by fisherman Shigenori Goto swimming in one of his fixed nets about 70m underwater off the coast […]

The ‘Swiss Cheese Pervert’ is terrorizing Philadelphia with Swiss cheese and his tiny penis

This story might be the most perfectly literal use of the phrase, “You just can’t make this stuff up.” The Mayfair area of Philadelphia is being terrorized by a man driving around town, pulling up […]

Ku Klux Klan billboard welcoming people to North Carolina in the 70s

It’s jarring when you realize that billboards like this dotted the countryside fewer than 50 years ago. Reddit user security-guy took this photo in 1973. Sadly times haven’t changed much. The Ku Klux Klan “adopted” […]

The $18 million penthouse at the top of the Williamsburg Bank (now One Hanson Place)

The Williamsburg Bank building in Park Slope, Brooklyn was transformed into luxury condos a few years ago. This is the penthouse built at the very top right inside the clock tower with amazing views of […]