Month: July 2014

Graphic video of Polish police shooting aggressive man

WARNING: This video is graphic in nature and shows police shooting a man multiple times Reddit user Tirith uploaded a video he recorded on his home street in Poland of police confronting and eventually shooting […]

This new Afghan Whigs video featuring NYC dance crew will rock your Monday

This is the video for the Afghan Whigs second single Matamoros off of their first all new album in 16 years. The video features the NYC dance collective WAFFLE NYC whom I’ve actually seen a […]

Our 4th of July Celebration of the United States with 74 breathtaking color photographs of Americans

This is the second installment of our celebration of an American history not so far removed as some of us may like to believe. These beautiful photographs bring to life the joy and pain, the […]

Be Dangerous: Developing the Courage to Succeed

One of the most important things I learned on my journey in this thing called life is the undeniable, indisputable ideal that, “you are dangerous“. The concept that there’s a ferocity, a desire, a passion […]