Space Adventures Ltd. is offering space flight tours around the far-side of the moon to private citizens. The Soyuz craft you’re in will fly within 100km of the moon’s surface, you’ll see the illuminated far-side of the moon, watch the Earth rise and then make your way back to our pale blue dot.

Back in 2001 Space Adventures is the company that launched Dennis Tito, “the first space tourist”, into space where he spent nearly eight days in orbit as a crew member of ISS EP-1, a visiting mission to the International Space Station. That mission was flown by Soyuz craft as well.

Some of the highlights of the trip:

  • Join the greatest private expedition of our time
  • Fly to within 100km of the Moon’s surface
  • Become one of the first people to leave low-Earth orbit in over 40 years

According to their website they expect to be offering official Circumlunar navigation tours by 2018.

Using flight proven Russian space vehicles we will fly two private citizens and one professional cosmonaut on a free return trajectory around the far-side of the Moon. They will come to within 100km of the Moon’s surface. If you chose to join this mission you will see the illuminated far-side of the Moon, and then witness the amazing sight of the Earth rising above the surface of the Moon.

According to their website the cost of the mission “depends on the vehicle you choose, the timing and the exact mission profile”. I mean, who wants to go to the moon in the winter right? To give you an idea of the cost however, another company in Russia is offering a two-week trip up into space that will simply put you in orbit for two weeks. The price tag on that, much simpler mission, is around $45-50 million (US).

So, here’s the real question, if money were no object, would you go on a space tour around the moon?

Posted by James Poling

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