Month: February 2015

Lady Gaga’s tribute to Julie Andrews at the 2015 Academy Awards

Ok, last one. Whatever you may or may not think of Lady Gaga she absolutely does have a set of pipes on her and she nailed this performance from “Sound of Music”.

Watch John Legend and Common’s performance of ‘Glory’ at the 2015 Academy Awards

In case you missed last night’s 2015 Oscars because you had to work, or got stuck in traffic or just generally can’t stomach watching famous people stroke each other off this is the one part […]

Net Neutrality: How to help fight

On Feb 26 the FCC will vote to save net neutrality or let Comcast and other ISPs create Internet slow lanes. Some members of Congress, on behalf of their Cable donors, are trying to stop […]

Chinese New Year fireworks on the Hudson River

A spectacular fireworks display on the Hudson river kicked off the weeklong celebration of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Goat. The lunar new year actually begins tonight but last night’s fireworks launched […]

New report shows jails being used to warehouse the poor, ill and addicted

Incarceration’s Front Door: The Misuse of Jails in America The number of people incarcerated in America’s jail system on any given day has increased by over 325% over the past 30 years, from housing around […]

Why we should care about Radio Shack going out of business

RadioShack Suffered as Free Time Evaporated Chain Built Itself as Hub of Leisure Activities Enjoyed to a Degree Now Hard to Fathom In 1963, the year his company bought a nine-store chain then known by […]

The hobo experience is alive and well (gallery)

When you think of the word hobo it’s likely that it conjures up images of days gone by. A thing of the past, something that people did 50 years ago. You’d be wrong. When photographer […]

Best and Worst commercials from Super Bowl XLIX

Best commercial for Super Bowl XLIX This is the only commercial that I’ve ever seen that actually made me want to go out and actually buy the product. Liam Neeson is hilarious in this Clash […]