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What Does a Contested Divorce Lawyer Do?

Jan 7

Many people are wondering, "What does a contested divorce lawyer do?" A contested divorce involves a number of legal issues that must be resolved. In these cases, the spouses may not be able to come to a settlement on important issues, such as property division. An experienced disputed divorce lawyer can help the couple resolve these issues and protect their interests.

First, the contested divorce lawyer will gather evidence. This will include written interrogatories, admissions of fact, requests for production of documents, and in-person depositions. A contested divorce usually ends in a settlement. However, if the spouses are unable to reach an agreement, the attorney may pursue litigation. The ultimate goal is to avoid a divorce.

If you and you are able to reach an agreement on the final settlement of your divorce, you can move to the next stage: the court hearing. A contested divorce is a lengthy and stressful process. The courts' decisions can often be appealed. It is possible to come to an agreement between them. If both parties can agree on everything, the judge may have no other option than to order the sale of the house or give away the car to the other party.

The main benefit of hiring a contested divorce attorney is that you are protected by the law. Even though the divorce proceedings are uncontested, they can be costly because the parties disagree on certain issues. The lawyer will also be able to help you negotiate the best settlement with your spouse. A negotiated divorce can be a much more complex process than an uncontested one. If your spouse is not willing to work out a settlement, the court will make the final decision.

It can be difficult to get a divorce decree in contested cases. The judge will consider a number of factors to make the final judgment. The length of the marriage is another important factor in deciding child custody and alimony. Both spouses need to make a case for their rights in a contested divorce. To protect their rights, both spouses must hire a contested divorcing attorney. It is best to have a mediator to help you if your lawyer cannot win the case.

If you choose to handle the divorce yourself you need to be familiar with the appropriate venue. Failing to do this could result in the case being transferred or dismissed. A contested divorce lawyer will have to make sure that the court is in the right jurisdiction before the divorce is final. Uncontested divorce can cause significant stress for both parties. A contested divorce attorney will have to be able to represent their clients effectively.

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