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Why Should I Tint My Windows?

May 24

Are you searching for the top window tinting film to fit your car? You've come to the right place! At US Tires and Window Tint we have a large range of tinting films for windows to choose from.

We offer something for all, whether you're searching to keep your privacy secure, shield yourself from the sun or both! Our experienced staff can help you choose the right window tinting film that meets your requirements.

What Is Window Tinting Film?

A thin strip of tinting film applied to car windows is known as window tinting film. It can be made of various materials like metal, ceramic carbon fiber, polyester.

Window tinting film can serve various purposes, including blocking UV rays, reducing glare, and providing privacy. You can find the ideal appearance for your car by choosing from a a wide range of shades and hues.

Why Should I Tint My Windows?

There are many advantages of tinting your car's windows! Tinted windows reduce eye fatigue, glare and make driving more secure. Tinted windows also help protect interior upholstery and the skin from sun-damaged by blocking harmful UV radiations.

Tinted windows can be used to safeguard your vehicle from potential thieves.

What is the Best Car Window Tinting Film?

When it comes to choosing the best film to tint your windows for your car there are some aspects to take into consideration. The first step is to choose the type of film you're looking for. Polyester films are the most sought-after and come in many colors and shades.

Metalized window films are also popular due to their ability to reflect UV rays and heat. Ceramic films are another option that won't interfere with cell phone or GPS signals. Carbon fiber films are the darkest kind of window tinting film, and provide the best privacy.

What to Look For In Window Tinting Films

There are several other factors you should consider after you've decided on the thickness and type of the film. Tinting percentage determines the amount of light that can go through the film. A lower percentage means less light is allowed to pass through while a greater percentage means that more light can be let in.

Another crucial aspect to be aware of is the VLT (visible light transmission). It measures the amount of visible light allowed to pass through the window film. A lower VLT means that the film is darker and offers more privacy.

When choosing window tinting films it is important to take into account the size of the roll. Films are sold in rolls ranging from 50 up to 100 feet. You can also select the length of your film, which is usually between 12-24 inches.

Take a look at the warranty of your window tinting film. This will provide you with an idea of how long the film should last. Manufacturers offer warranties that extend to 20-years.

FAQs regarding Window Tinting Films

What is the best film to tint windows for cars?

The ideal window tinting film will depend on your requirements and preferences. When choosing a film think about the VLT, size and the warranty.

What's the price of tinting windows?

The cost of window tinting will vary based on the kind of film employed and the dimensions of the car. Expect to pay between $100 - $200 for an average-sized car.

What are the advantages of tinting windows?

Window tinting can reduce the glare, block UV rays, and keep your car cooler during hot summer days. It also provides protection and privacy by making it more difficult for others to look inside your vehicle.


We'd like to end by declaring that window tinting is an excellent way to enhance the appearance of your car while also providing some practical benefits. When selecting the right car window tinting film take into consideration the VLT size, roll size and warranty.

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