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Size Up Apparel the Denim Headquarters

Jun 12

Size Up Apparel the Denim Headquarters 

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Wearing the right clothing is key to performing at your best while working out. It's time to get rid of those sweaty gym shorts that you wore in school. Instead, wear a sweat-wicking shirt.

You should also consider what type of exercise you prefer. This will impact the clothes you choose to wear. For example, runners might choose lightweight, quick-drying shorts. Strength trainers will benefit from a shirt made of stretch fabric. Comfort is the key to a great workout.

Being a man, I am constantly testing out the best workout clothes to wear. There are so many options, whether you're looking for functional running gear or versatile training gear.

It's not an exaggeration to say that the brand puts its workout clothes through their paces. They literally test it by putting it on wear-testers who do almost any type of exercise. You can find  all types of clothing for casual days all the way to your strength training, functional fitness, and running. To show its versatility and comfort, they even include yoga.

However, just because the gear is capable of handling a wide variety of workouts doesn't mean that there are pages upon pages of the perfect short or top for a particular routine. Ten Thousand is actually quite the opposite. The simplicity of what it offers makes it even more attractive.

The brand's range is simple but effective. The brand offers a variety of shorts, from those for weight lifting or running to those for fighting in martial arts. There are a variety of shirts available, including tank tops, merino shirts, quick-drying options, standard moisture-wicking and quick-dry options as well as a rashguard.

The gear's performance is impressive after many hours spent in the field.

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