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An Affair of The Heart: A Premier Marriage Retreat

Dec 4

When your relationship is in distress, a powerful intervention may be the only way to change the momentum and get things back on track. Couples Therapy NYC offers change, connection, and healing in days, not years as required by one-hour weekly in-person or online couples therapy. You have your coach’s full attention all day, every day of the couples retreat, from 9 to 5 with a lunch break and other breaks as necessary. There is no wasted time saying hello, catching up, or shutting down a session – it is ongoing. Seeking help from relationship experts like An Affair Of The Heart is excellent. Contact the Marriage Retreats Near Me to learn more about how they can help your relationship.

We solve a mid-life crisis

A mid-life crisis can often trigger turmoil in a relationship, as one or both partners reevaluate the premise of their connection and the meaning they derive from their life. A crisis can occur when somebody hits certain age milestones, loses their longtime career, or retires, sending them into a deep cycle of questioning and despair. Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats give a couple the opportunity to deeply analyze the confusion and disconnection generated by such large life changes, develop important coping skills for the shifts that are happening, and reaffirm their decision to stay together and continue building their relationship. 

We address pre-marital issues or fine-tuning your connection

It's easy to fall in love, but often quite challenging to stay that way. It takes emotional intelligence, well-established communication skills, and a robust set of tools to address all of the ups and downs that occur over the course of a relationship. Proactive couples will choose to address these issues before they become a larger problem, often before they take the plunge into marriage or soon after to ensure that the relationship stays on track. Our Marriage Counseling Retreats give you an opportunity to address these issues. 

We won't solve abuse

The core of this work is creating a foundation of trust. Abuse completely destroys trust between partners and makes it impossible to safely open up to one another.  

We won't solve active addiction

Active addiction is a compulsive behavior that interferes with the relationship. It has equally deleterious effects on the trust shared by partners. Call us if you need Relationship Retreats.

An Affair Of The Heart
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