5 Great HR Software Tools to Improve Productivity

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In the past twelve months, many companies have been given the opportunity to study the way they work. There are processes that we take for granted because we've always done things this way – but maybe they don't work so well in the new business environment. Would the new business models of disruptors that turn everything we consider essential upside down be right for us, or are they a passing fad?

Nowhere do these questions seem more relevant than in HR. Perhaps you are looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your routine manager and logging, communicate more effectively with your employees, or optimize your performance management processes so that they are more closely aligned with the company's business goals. There are some great tools out there. This article introduces five key ways they can help improve productivity.

Automate your recordings

Much of the core HR work has traditionally been viewed as purely administrative and record-keeping. While this is true to some extent, in recent years many companies have made the transition to a far more interactive, user-friendly, and transparent approach with one of the many cloud-based software solutions. Bamboo HR is one of the most famous. These products are aimed at small and medium-sized businesses and cover the entire life cycle of employees, from hiring and onboarding to compensation and performance management. Customizable reports provide powerful data to inform management decision making and potentially transform the way HR contributes to overall business performance. Other user-friendly products worth checking out include Cezanne, Zoho, and EffortlessHR. Everyone has a different focus, but all of them can take the strain off your employees' records.

Keep track of the timing

When managing payroll for a project team, tracking hours worked, accurate accounting, and planning time off can be too time-consuming. Employee time tracking software like ClickTime reduces paperwork, improves accuracy, and helps forecast project costs. You may have switched to remote working due to Covid or to reduce costs. While this can have great work-life balance benefits and even improve performance, employees need to be able to toggle tracking on and off and make vacation requests while they work. At the same time, you need to monitor the overall productivity of your team. By choosing a product with a mobile option, all time-related requests can be approved wherever users are without creating piles of paperwork or an endless email path.

Monitor engagement

How does your company currently monitor employee engagement? By pushing employees to complete an annual survey? After months of compilation and analysis, the results are finally announced and action plans are drawn up. How much impact does this type of worthy practice actually have? However, executives know that highly committed employees are critical to the success of virtually any business.

The solution can be to invest in an online tool that captures employee feedback in real time all year round. If you continuously collect open employee feedback, you will understand how your employees feel: satisfied, energetic, burned out, or cynical. And once people get used to the idea of ​​providing anonymous feedback in real time, you can spot “mood trends”, pinpoint issues, and respond appropriately.

One of them is TINYpulse, which can be integrated with MS Teams, Gmail, BambooHR and Outlook and also offers a validated recognition tool. The "Cheers for Peers" option allows employees to send "Cheers" to each other when they want to see good performance and to keep track of the number of cheers sent and received per employee.

Other tools to increase employee engagement are Officevibe (weekly surveys); Waggl (short, frequent surveys); Peakon (micro-learning sessions, wear prediction).

Manage performance

Cascading business goals at each level is an annual ritual in many companies. Then come the one-on-one meetings, the follow-up, the quarterly reviews to the moment of truth – the annual performance review. Aside from the fact that it is so time consuming, there is a risk that the assessment will be made after the fact. Wouldn't it be more effective to have real-time data on progress so that problems could be fixed before they negatively impact results? While some of the products already mentioned include a performance management module, specialized products like Trakstar can help at every stage of the cycle, from goal setting and progress dashboards to templates for performance reviews, 360-degree feedback, and even succession planning tools.

Communicate more effectively

Do you still use an intranet like this old standby sharepoint to communicate with your employees? There's nothing wrong with that, except that updating is time-consuming and not very appealing to people who are much more used to checking in on their social media multiple times a day (often multiple times an hour!).

Is there a tool that you can use to easily exchange announcements and updates? Is there one that encourages real-time feedback and exchange? Platforms such as Confluence, Igloo and Huddle enable quick and easy communication, whether across the company or within teams. Social functions offer employees at all levels the opportunity to exchange ideas, contribute to the goals of their team and receive open feedback. Nuxeo and Jostle.me are just two options that allow any type of file, including pictures and videos, to be saved and openly shared.

With all of these products, you can create a knowledge hub where resources and answers are easy to find. Imagine how much time you could save in HR with a one-stop shop for all the documents managers and employees might need.


The business challenges of 2020 have given us all an opportunity to rethink the way we work. These new generation software tools offer the possibility to offer the HR department a new possibility to get in contact with our employees and to change the way the function sees the company. Let your team focus on working with the company to improve productivity and impress your employees with the way you support and connect with them.

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