7 Top Testimonial Plugins for WordPress: Use Social Proof with Style

Would you like to harness the power of social proof by adding customer testimonials to your landing page?

Any page builder plugin or even the WordPress block editor can help you add testimonials to landing pages. However, this is not an efficient way of getting things done.

Fortunately, we have rounded up some plugins that you can use to collect and showcase beautiful testimonials on your website.

The best testimonial plugins for WordPress

  1. Thrive Ovation – Best testimonial plugin overall. Great way to collect and view testimonials. Integrates well with other Thrive products.
  2. Strong credentials – Excellent testimonial plugin that strikes the best balance between features and affordability. Automatically collect and view testimonials. Limited free version available.
  3. Elfsight Testimonials Slider – Affordable testimonial plugin that contains multiple data fields per testimonial.
  4. Elementor Pro – A plugin for creating pages and themes that contains two testimonial elements. Great design but not the most efficient option.
  5. ESD Testimonials Pro – A simple testimonial plugin in terms of design but powerful in the way that you can collect testimonials.
  6. Kali forms – A forms plugin with premium features that is perfect for creating forms to collect testimonials.
  7. WP testimonials with Rotator widget – The least efficient testimonial plugin on this list, but it has plenty of design options.

1. Thrive Ovation

Thrive Ovation is a special testimonial plugin from Thrive Themes, the developers of a whole range of marketing tools for WordPress. Key tools include Thrive Leads, Thrive Theme Builder, and Thrive Quiz Builder.

Yes, the developer's page builder plugin, Thrive Architect, has a testimonial element that allows you to add well-designed feedback elements to any page, but they are nowhere near the same.

Thrive Ovation makes it easy for you to harness the power of social evidence by providing a more efficient way for you to add customer testimonials to your website. You can create testimonials from three sources: WordPress comments, social media posts, and forms.

You manage testimonials from the WordPress backend in a user interface that is similar to the "All Pages" and "All Posts" pages. Management tools include status updates, as well as tags that allow you to group together similar testimonials and testimonials from the same campaign.

You can even integrate the plugin with your email service to send automated emails to customers asking for permission to use their testimonials on your website.

main features

  • Create testimonials from WordPress comments, social media posts, and form fields.
  • Automatically collect your customers' names and pictures.
  • Manage testimonials from an intuitive, central dashboard.
  • Stunning yet customizable templates.
  • Dynamic content that updates itself via tags.

Pricing: Thrive Ovation is part of Thrive Themes' Thrive Suite membership plan, available for $ 19 / month, $ 90 / quarter, or $ 228 / year.

2. Strong testimonials

Strong Testimonials is another dedicated WordPress plugin for testimonials. Only this plugin is available as a standalone plugin from the same company that owns Kali Forms, CPOThemes, and MachoThemes.

Thrive Ovation is a powerful option, but it is only available as part of a membership suite. In addition, Thrive Themes has its own plugin for the page builder in Thrive Architect, so there are no direct integrations for competitors such as Elementor, Divi and Beaver Builder.

Strong Testimonials is also a freemium plugin that allows you to create testimonials from forms without paying for a premium license. While you can't create testimonials from WordPress comments, you have more platforms to collect them on: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Yelp, WooCommerce, and Zomato.

This plugin uses shortcodes and widgets to display testimonials. You can create multiple "views" to control which testimonials are displayed and how they are displayed for a particular shortcode. Expanded views can include filters (so only specific testimonials are shown), reordered testimonials, and slide shows.

As with Thrive Ovation, this plugin creates a separate dashboard in the backend that you can use to manage individual testimonials. While templates are available, you cannot customize styles without custom CSS.

main features

  • Generate testimonials from forms along with multiple platforms.
  • Create multiple shortcodes with different filter, order and display options.
  • Assign testimonials to custom post types, such as: B. Product and service-based post types.
  • Ready-made templates and four layouts.
  • Custom fields and spam protection for forms.
  • Schema markup for SEO.

Pricing: You can start with a free basic version or a license fee of $ 29 / year. You need to pay at least $ 49 per year to access advanced features like generating testimonials from third-party platforms and using premium templates.

3. Slider for Elfsight testimonials

Elfsight Testimonials Slider is a simple plugin that allows you to present well-designed testimonials in a variety of ways, including sliders, grid layouts, and columns.

It's not as powerful as the first two options as you can only add testimonials by manually entering data or finding Instagram and Twitter posts to pull content from. There are no forms and you cannot create testimonials from WordPress comments or WooCommerce reviews.

The testimonials include the author's name, social profile, picture, company, and title, as well as the website's URL.

There are many templates for displaying individual testimonials, as well as multiple display options, as mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, you have to use CSS to apply custom styles.

Once everything is set up, you can put testimonials with shortcodes and a widget anywhere on your website. The CodeCanyon version of the plugin also includes an element for Visual Composer, which is Envato's chosen plugin for the page builder.

main features

  • Add testimonials manually or collect content from Instagram and Twitter.
  • Multiple slider options.
  • Grid and column layouts.
  • Tiled and individual templates for short testimonials.
  • Testimonials contain links to the author's social profile and website.

Pricing: This plugin is available from CodeCanyon for a one-time fee of $ 22. Lifetime updates are included, but not support. Instead, you'll need to purchase a license from the Elfsight official website for free (bug fixes) or at least $ 60 per year (premium support).

4. Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is a page creation plugin that contains two testimonial elements: a base element, which is also available in the free version, and a testimonial carousel.

This is a great two-in-one option if you are already creating landing pages with Elementor. Along with all the styles that Elementor already includes, you have two predefined skins (classic and bubble) as well as several content and alignment layouts to choose from.

The basic testimonial element displays static testimonials in well-designed formats.

The biggest downside to using Elementor for testimonials is the fact that you have to enter content manually. Plus, this is an elaborate way to add testimonials to your website if you don't plan on using the page builder outside of that particular landing page.

main features

  • Add the author's name, picture, and title.
  • Pre-made skins.
  • Customize carousel options.
  • Custom styles available.

Pricing: Elementor Pro is available for $ 49 per year.

5. ESD Testimonials Pro

BNE Testimonials is a special testimonials plugin. It doesn't have the same modern styles as the previous plugins on this list, but it has more advanced features.

The most notable feature is the way in which you can collect testimonials. Generate them from user submitted forms or by connecting the WordPress REST API to Google, Facebook, Yelp and Yellow Pages.

You have four layouts to choose from, including slider and grid layouts. There are also four custom style theme styles.

Testimonials are displayed via shortcodes.

main features

  • Collect testimonials from Forms, Google, Facebook, Yelp and Yellow Pages.
  • 4 layout options.
  • 4 themes.
  • The schema markup shows reviews in large snippets.

Pricing: This plugin is available for a one-time fee of $ 29 with six months of support.

6. Kali forms

Kali Forms is not a testimonial plugin, but it does allow you to collect testimonials on your website whether or not you want to display them with a special plugin.

It has a form builder that makes it easy for you to create a form that captures your client's name, picture, company name, title, social media profiles, website url, and of course, your customer's testimonial . You can even use the drop-down or radio boxes to let customers select reviews.

Kali Forms has several predefined form templates as well as spam protection.

One nifty feature that you can use for testimonials is conditional logic. That way, you can set up a form asking customers whether they have had positive or negative experiences with your product or service. Use the answers to choose what to present.

For positive feedback, display the rest of the form with testimonials-based fields. If the feedback is negative, display fields for the customer to describe the problem or simply display a button that leads to your support page or chat app.

Kali Forms also offers the Page Break field, which you can use to break your form into several steps. It will still appear on a single page, but your customer will only see a few fields at a time, which can seem less overwhelming.

main features

  • Numerous field types to add.
  • Ready-made form styles.
  • Conditional logic.
  • Multi-level forms.
  • File uploads.
  • Email notifications, spam protection and advanced form options.

Pricing: A premium license for Kali Forms with Conditional Logic and Multi-Page Forms is available for $ 29 / year.

7. WP Testimonials with Rotator Widget

WP Testimonials is a special testimonials plugin that comes with a slider layout, among other things.

In fact, there are over 20 sliders and over 20 grid designs to choose from, and you can override the plugin's default styles with custom CSS. Unfortunately, the entire plugin is designed to be used with shortcodes, which is not very easy to use for the average blogger.

It's not as complicated as adding custom code to your site. However, if you want to present testimonials in a specific layout or customize slider options, you need to add the plugin's specific parameters to your shortcode instead of configuring options with buttons and dropdown menus.

main features

  • Collect testimonials with front-end forms.
  • 20+ slider and 20+ grid designs to choose from.
  • View multiple author fields including name, company and title, and picture.
  • Categorize testimonials and hide / show certain categories.
  • Rearrange testimonials using drag and drop actions.

Pricing: A free version of this plugin is available. A premium version is available as part of WPOnlineSupport's Essential Plugins package for $ 119 per year or $ 299 for lifetime access.

Final thoughts

Choosing between a list of plugins is never easy, but luckily, many of these plugins are vastly different from one another. For example, if you are already using Elementor to design landing pages, it would be better to go pro and use their testimonial elements.

However, if you want an easy way to create testimonials so you don't have to add them manually, choose Thrive Ovation or BNE Testimonials Pro. The latter option is especially useful if your company is on review platforms.

Using Strong Testimonials + Kali Forms together, both owned by the same company, enables you to implement a smart customer feedback strategy that generates well-designed testimonials.

All in all, you choose an option that suits your business strategy and technical skills.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means that we may pay a small commission when you make a purchase.

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