Behind the scenes of Aksel's "unreal" transformation

“LIKE COW! He doesn't even look like the SAME PERSON! ”

Meet Aksel, a business student from Norway on a mission to transform himself into Wolverine.

I think you will agree with me when you say that he is more or less successful!

Aksel came to NF Coaching a year ago with the aim of losing some weight and building a lot of muscle.

Our own coach Taylor helped him with this.

However, pictures don't tell the full story.

Before joining Nerd Fitness, Aksel had gone through a "difficult period" and knew that something had to change in his life.

That was Aksel's journey.

The 4 keys to Aksel's transformation

Aksel was a keen swimmer as a teenager and even competed in the national swimming championships in Norway.

Then life happened.

Aksel stopped swimming somewhere along the way. Then he more or less stopped exercising. Soon alcohol and pizza provided him with most of his "nutrients".

From all of this, Aksel became depressed.

This lasted until one sad day when Aksel's uncle died of cancer. This served as a "reality check". Aksel realized that his lifestyle did not make him a healthy person.

So he decided that something had to change.

After walking down a Google rabbit hole, Aksel found Nerd Fitness. He quickly decided that a coach could be exactly what he needed.

So he plunged into the rebellion.

Here are the 4 BIG changes that helped Aksel move forward:


From Aksel: “I started getting in shape by tracking everything I ate.

I never knew how many calories were in the food I bought. Why is beer so high in calories!?!

It was really enlightening to analyze all the food and drink in my life. Even “healthy” foods are often filled with calories. "

After dealing with all of this, Aksel made a plan with his coach.

Aksel still wanted a varied diet and the occasional drink with his friends. However, he began to think about the amount that would help him achieve his goals.

Snack: You don't need to count the calories, you do need to count all the calories. We create a mission for the right customers so they can track their food intake for a week. This helps give a complete picture of how they are eating.

Many clients naturally behave differently after this exercise.


When Aksel first tried to get in shape, he decided to run.

But Aksel's knees ached from jogging. So he stopped.

When he came to NF Coaching, he mentioned to us that he wanted to build muscle. So his trainer let him start strength training right away … because that's how you build muscle.

It wasn't long before Aksel fell in love.

He saw results immediately and lost body fat that he had never been able to shed before.

The energy and confidence he gained through weight training drove him to keep going.

Snack: Weight training is one of the best things you can do for your body.

As we say here, a strong nerd is a healthy nerd. No matter what your goals are, being strong will help you.

# 3) Don't underestimate the power of a good night's sleep.

If you want to train strength, you need to rest.

That means you need to prioritize a good night's sleep.

“I used to be a zombie. But developing an actual sleep schedule has probably made the biggest difference in my life. Sleep helps me exercise. And my exercise helps me sleep.

I'm not sure I could do one without the other. "

Snack: Don't overlook your sleeping habits. The right eye really makes everything easier.


As Aksel puts it, “Yes, you can just google most things.

But a coach adapts to you and your goals. It gets so much easier when you have someone to help you.

I had no idea when I started and although I'm better informed now, I keep going with my trainer because I just want to know what to do. This allows me to focus my brain power on my studies. "

Snack: You don't have to find this out on your own. Yes, many people can search for information on the Interwebz and make a plan from it.

However, if you don't want to go through all of these trial and error, a trainer can be a great way to move forward faster.

Amazing things are possible through hard work

I'll be real with you: what Aksel and his coach have achieved is really incredible.

If I didn't know Aksel's coach – and hadn't seen the progress pictures – I might be a bit skeptical myself.

But once you start to understand all of the hard work Aksel did, you start to see what happened:

  • Aksel's trainer made a plan.
  • Then Aksel went and carried it out to a T.

In other words, Aksel brought the work in and the results followed.

Here is the most important thing about Aksel's journey: It began.

After spending a bit of time on the internet, Aksel found a program that seemed feasible and stepped in.

Yes, he worked very hard last year. But all of that hard work resulted from one decision: to hire a coach.

Around the rebellion we call this "20 seconds of courage".

A moment – which often lasts for seconds – helps you gain momentum to move forward.

For some, it opens a recipe book and turns on the stove.

For others, it goes through the front door of a fitness studio.

For Aksel, it was hiring an expert and following her plan.

While it may only take 20 seconds, the first step is often the most important.

You just have to take it when the moment comes … like Samwise Gamgee.

If you would like someone to help you start your journey to leave the Shire, we are here to help.

We have a team of wizards who do this all day every day:

  • We have top notch coaches who create bespoke programs for our clients. For rebels willing to make an effort (like Aksel) we get amazing results (also like Aksel).
  • We provide global accountability and support. When you travel again in 2021, your NF coach will be with you. You evaluate your new environment and create a custom plan for your new environment.
  • We check in and adapt. Your coach doesn't just create a program and walk away. They will actually talk to you and make sure it works. If not, no problem. We will record this information like a scientist and work with you to find a new way forward.

Sounds good?

IF you're ready to jump into battle with your very own Gandalf in your pocket (via the NF Coaching App, not literally) …

Let's make a plan for you to become the next nerd fitness success story:

Learn more about nerd fitness coaching!

For the rebellion!


PS: Seriously, Aksel is great. Holy Moly.

PPS: Regards Coach Taylor for showing Aksel the way!


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