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Price gouging and why medical costs in the U.S. are so outrageous

It’s no secret that the cost of healthcare in the United States is out of control. It’s also no secret as to why that is. For some reason it’s legal in the U.S. for companies […]

McDonald’s could double every employee’s salary and the cost of a Big Mac would only go up by $.68

This should give you a pretty good idea of what corporations think of the American worker. If McDonald’s doubled wages for all employees, including CEO Don Thompson, Big Macs would cost 68 cents more, increasing […]

Time Warner yanks CBS and Showtime from their lineup after the two sides are unable to reach a deal

Time Warner and CBS were unable to reach a deal. Effective at midnight, the contract officially expired and CBS, Showtime, TMC and Flix went dark in New York City, Dallas and Los Angeles. The original […]

Tampon delivery service has the best commercial about menstruaton you’ll see all day

In other news: There’s such a thing as a tampon delivery service. The fact that women have to deal with menstruation every month completely boggles my mind. I honestly have no idea how they do […]

New York Sports Club weighs in on the Anthony Weiner/Carlos Danger scandal

Maybe this will give the Post and News a little break from their flurry of Weiner puns (no pun intended). Now that NYSC has weighed in I’m just waiting to see a subway car filled […]

One Example of How Big Banks Are Manipulating Our Lives and How Dangerous It Can Be

Forget monsters and ghosts and that nonsense. This is the stuff nightmares are made of. The latest episode of Wall Street’s manipulation of commodity prices was revealed Sunday in a remarkable New York Times article […]

A Venture Capitalist Responds to my Employee Owned Company Post

A couple of days ago I shared something that I am passionate about making a reality. A wholly employee owned company from top to bottom. It’s actually one of the ways I think that we […]

Is There a Reason Why Employee Owned Companies Aren’t More Prevalent?

This idea has been floating around in my head for a while but I’ve never really discussed it except with a few close friends. Unfortunately, not a lot of people in my circle of friends […]

McDonald’s and Chase Force Employees to Use Debit Cards with Outrageous Fees

Just when you thought big business couldn’t get any more despicable a story like this comes along to reaffirm your belief that this country has been handed over to corporate interests and the people paying […]