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Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David and Jason Alexander are up to something

So Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David and Jason Alexander were all spotted outside Tom’s Restaurant (Monk’s Diner in the Seinfeld series) today. The diner shut down for a few hours and there were film crews there […]

Best Twitter critique of a celebrity look-alike costume: “Halloween is cancelled”

Halloween is now CANCELLED! — Bossip (@Bossip) October 31, 2013 Even indirectly Kim Kardashian makes the world a more terrible place.

Neil Patrick Harris as Frankenstein with the most adorable Bride of Frankenstein ever

Have a spooktacular night! Here’s our family Halloween pic (via @projectphotoboo): Well done, @DavidBurtka! — Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH) October 31, 2013 NPH’s family Halloween pic on Twitter. Frankenstein, the wolf man, bride of […]

Patrick Stewart just tweeted out his Halloween costume

Happy Halloween. — Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) October 31, 2013 Sir Patrick Stewart, who I’m fairly certain may be suffering from an extreme case of glaucoma which he tenaciously “medicates”, posted this photo of himself […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently taking requests to deliver your favorite movie line on Reddit

Over the past few months Reddit and Arnold Schwarzenegger have been having what can only be described as a massive love fest. Arnold drops by /r/fitness regularly and leaves workout tips. He’s already done two […]

Tina Fey’s badonk and nipple slip at the Emmys

It’s taken me a couple of days to recover from Sunday’s night next-to-last episode of “Breaking Bad” to regain my memory from the pleasure blackout I had from the brief glimpse I caught of Tina […]

Is there anyone in the world that’s having more fun than Patrick Stewart right now?

Empire State! #gogodididonyc @TwoPlaysInRep — Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) September 17, 2013 There’s a theory floating around that Patrick Stewart has been celebrating his recent wedding by smoking as much weed as possible and having […]

Twitter unveils new “verified” filter allowing celebrities to communicate in peace away without pesky fans chiming in

Twitter announced a new filter on their blog that’s meant to keep celebrities happy while giving them a secure way to make fun of their fans without worrying about other “non-verified” types seeing the Tweets. […]

Leanna Decker on Twitter, Vine and Instagram [NSFW]

We don’t normally post a lot of models around here because, if I’m honest, they kind of weird me out. It’s not that anything they do in particular weirds me out, it’s just the fact […]

Elders react to Justin Bieber, if you only watch one video today, let it be this…trust me

With classic reactions such as, “When I was 19 I was up to here in a rice patty looking for people to shoot,” and, “What up!? He just made that up,” and, “What an asshole,” […]