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Don’t forget to set your microwave so you don’t miss your next doctor’s appointment

Unexpected discovery: my microwave's "appointment scheduler" functionality. — delbius (@delbius) March 25, 2014 Twitter user delbius posted this picture of an odd useless feature on her microwave that she happened to stumble upon. An […]

Hubble celebrates 24th anniversary with brilliant image of the Monkey Head Nebula

No matter how many images I see from the Hubble Telescope they never cease to amaze me. We are incredibly fortunate to live in a time when technology gives us the opportunity to see parts […]

George RR Martin: Heartbreaker

This is pretty much what watching “Game of Thrones” feels like. It was created by a Brazilian artist with the title, “The sadistic pleasure of George Martin”. You can find more of his comics here, […]

Sleight of hand magic for dogs

Watching these dogs have their minds blown while watching their treats disappear right before their eyes will start your Monday off right. The last dog’s reaction is hilarious.

Toddler discovers rain and melts your heart

If this video doesn’t make you smile then there’s just no hope for you.

Every Transformers transformation scene from all three movies in 10 minutes

This is really the only reason to see any of these movies, besides the occasionally passable action scenes, to see the Transformers doing their thing. This video has every transformation scene from all three of […]

Simon Beck creates beautiful snow art with his feet

Artist Simon Beck uses only his snow shoes, a compass and what must be unlimited amounts of patience to create this amazing designs in the snow at ski resorts and other snowy type vacation-y things. […]

Senior citizens in a nursing home recreate scenes from classic movies for a calendar

This must be the coolest nursing home on the planet. This is the calendar they made this year with some of their residents dressed up in some of their favorite movie characters re-enacting scenes from […]