Category: Humor

Google Maps catches old man picking up hookers

What’s a guy supposed to do? He takes off work early but make sure his secretary thinks he’s been summoned to lunch by a client, you know, in case the wife calls. He goes out […]

Young entrepreneur at West 4th Street offers a ‘Date while You Wait’

 If you’re like many young people living and working in Manhattan then you know finding time to have a social life can be a challenge. Fortunately this guy was able to identify a need in […]

Saturday Night Live’s spoof of Bieber’s Calvin Klein ad campaign is hilarious

I think the only choice that could have been worse than Calvin Klein using Bieber for their campaign would have been for them to actually exhume Anna Nicole Smith and do a “Weekend at Bernie’s” […]

This Wisconsin ice cream company doesn’t pull any punches

The Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream company in Wisconsin isn’t ashamed of what’s in their product and they don’t mince words about whether or not it’s “healthy” for you.

2-year-old girl gives her parents an earful for laughing at her ‘Frozen’ performance

This poor little Irish (?) girl does not like it when her parents find her attempt at performing a song from “Frozen” a little too amusing.

College president offers to buy year’s supply of textbooks for any student that beats him in Madden NFL

As part of Columbia College President Dr. Scott Dalrymple’s inauguration festivities, the college will host a fierce, no-holds-barred video game challenge, featuring Madden 25. The winner will advance to a championship bout with the president, […]

‘Baby Got Class’: A back to school parody

Yes, we all love our kids and wouldn’t trade the memories of all of those summer vacations with them for anything in the world. Still, by the time late August rolls around and “back to […]

HelloFlo does another hilarious commercial: First Moon Party

HelloFlo is a tampon-delivery/feminine hygiene products delivery service that also happens to make great commercials too.

Guy with anger issues gets himself into more trouble by stopping to yell at a field reporter

Stanley Roberts does a segment called “People Behaving Badly” on the local news for KRON in San Francisco. In this particular segment he’s standing outside the Golden Gate bridge toll plaza filming people and all […]