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Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Photos

So a few more pics from my time in Vegas. After we hit the Hoover Dam we made our way out to Red Rock Canyon and took in the beauty of that place. It’s amazing […]

Images of the Hoover Dam

In August of 2014 I took a trip to Las Vegas and visited the Hoover Dam. Here are some of the pictures I took. If you ever have the chance to visit this place you […]

Our 4th of July Celebration of the United States with 74 breathtaking color photographs of Americans

This is the second installment of our celebration of an American history not so far removed as some of us may like to believe. These beautiful photographs bring to life the joy and pain, the […]

10 amazing cloud formations you’ve likely never seen before

Clouds are fascinating. They can be beautiful or terrifying and as these photos show they can be incredible. How many of these cloud formations have you seen in person?

2014 iPhone Photography Awards winners were announced today

The 2014 IPPAWARDS were announced today. The IPPAWARDS have been around since the iPhone came out in 2007. Looking at some of today’s winners it’s really amazing to see how far the iPhone has come […]

Builder finds an ORIGINAL script of ‘The Godfather’ in a tea warehouse in London complete with a hand-written note inside

First of all, DO NOT take this thing to the guys on Pawn Stars to try and sell. Best they can do is like $3.50 because they have overhead and they have to pay someone […]

Rainbow over New York City

Something about living in NYC makes people (including myself) go apeshit over rainbows. Earlier today reddit user cbarney posted one of the best shots of a rainbow over Manhattan that I’ve ever seen taken from […]

Idiot gets arrested for DUI while wearing the most appropriate shirt possible

I guess they were all sold out of, “I’m a huge asshole” t-shirts. An Oregon motorist wearing a “Drunk As Shit” t-shirt was arrested Sunday night on a DUI charge. Ross McMakin, a 21-year-old Corvalis […]

17 Photos of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart having the time of their lives in NYC

Seeing Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart gallivanting around NYC and Coney Island and just having a blast is a wonderful sight to see. Not only are they having a great time and just letting off […]