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This Michigan rep tried to cover up an affair he was having by releasing salacious facts about an affair he wasn’t having with a gay prostitute

Republican Michigan state representative Todd Courser had the fear of God put into him when he found out that it was likely that his affair with fellow state representative Cindy Gamrat was in danger of […]

George W. Bush shows up for jury duty

Being a former POTUS might come with its perks but getting out of jury duty isn’t one of them. Unfortunately Bush wasn’t picked for duty because can you just imagine how freaky it would be […]

Scott Walker caught taking a $900 million check from the Koch Bros.

This was actually a prank pulled by 350 Action. The other side of the sign says “Walker 4 President”. The 350 Action member asked Walker for a photo op just before the switching the sign […]

Two brothers bickering with each other on C-SPAN get an unexpected call from their mother

“Oh God, it’s Mom” No matter how old you are you’re still your mom or dad’s child. You may want to keep that in mind when you go on TV, on a call-in show no […]

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo is holding a contest to rebrand ‘Net Neutrality’

Congresswoman Eshoo’s Reddit contest to rebrand ‘net neutrality’ Today I launched a contest on Reddit to rebrand ‘net neutrality’ — the term used to describe the principle of all Internet traffic being created equal and […]

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti garners 45-second standing ovation by swearing and holding up a beer at Kings rally

LA mayor Eric Garcetti was speaking center ice at the Kings Stanley Cup Rally when he showed he knew how to play to the crowd. The video starts with Garcetti saying, “But there are two […]

Al Gore says Edward Snowden is closer to a whistleblower than a traitor

Al Gore was at the Southland Technology Conference in Nashville, Tennessee when he was posed the question. Is Edward Snowden a traitor or a whistleblower and Gore’s response is quite interesting. “I hear this question […]

Republican Governor Bobby Jindal signs bill blocking lawsuits against oil companies

By signing into law this bill Jindal has made it clear that he is on the side of the oil companies and not the people of Louisiana. Jindal obviously doesn’t think that oil companies should […]

Cable companies appear to have been caught astroturfing fake consumer support to end net neutrality

In what is likely the least shocking news of the century it seems as if cable companies are paying people to shout down virtually every other sane person that’s in favor of net neutrality. This […]

President Obama working out in a Polish hotel

The Secret Service confirmed to The Hill that the video is real, and that other hotel guests taking photos and videos of his workout is not a problem: “Hotel guests were not asked to leave […]