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Space tourism company offers ‘Circumlunar’ navigation of the moon in a Soyuz spacecraft

Space Adventures Ltd. is offering space flight tours around the far-side of the moon to private citizens. The Soyuz craft you’re in will fly within 100km of the moon’s surface, you’ll see the illuminated far-side […]

Everything we know (or think we know) about neutron stars

I’ve always been fascinated by neutron stars since the first time I learned that they existed. They’re basically these things out there that we know exist but have very little understanding as to how they […]

Grouper fish eats 4′ shark in one bite

There’s a reason animals never gave up in the millions of years it took to evolve legs and start making their way on land. That reason? Because the ocean is a scary fucking place! Let […]

The Mir Mine – The hell hole where diamonds are mined

These are the depths men will go to for diamonds. For many people diamonds represent wealth and for some they even represent love. But what many people don’t know is the history of this not […]

The most colorful view or the Universe ever taken just released by the Hubble Telescope team

June 3, 2014: Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have assembled a comprehensive picture of the evolving universe — among the most colorful deep space images ever captured by the 24-year-old telescope. This study, which […]

A great explanation of how we know the Big Bang happened

Earlier this week, astronomers announced that they directly observed gravitational waves. These waves are evidence for quantum gravity. How does this prove the Big Bang actually happened? Trace is joined by Ian O’Neill to explain […]

Scientists confirm Saturn’s moon Enceladus has a watery ocean

2014 has been a year of some amazing scientific discoveries and this is right up there with the best of them. Earth is not the only orb with oceans. In 2005 Cassini, an American spacecraft, […]

Hubble celebrates 24th anniversary with brilliant image of the Monkey Head Nebula

No matter how many images I see from the Hubble Telescope they never cease to amaze me. We are incredibly fortunate to live in a time when technology gives us the opportunity to see parts […]

Ancient humans interbred with Neanderthal, Denisovan and a “mystery population”

Apparently our ancestors were not scared to get it on outside their species. The ancient genomes, one from a Neanderthal and one from a different archaic human group, the Denisovans, were presented on 18 November […]

Newly discovered 410-meter wide asteroid has 1 in 63,000 chance of hitting Earth in 2032

Drink up people. I’m no mathematician but those don’t exactly seem like great odds. I mean sure it’s a small chance but it’s not like those odds are…wait for it…astronomical. Mark your calendars for August […]