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A Few Facts About Net Neutrality

If you’re reading this then, more than likely, you’re on the internet. And, it stands to reason, if you’re on the internet you probably enjoy using the internet for all sorts of wonderful things, such […]

The Inglorious Rise and Fall of Movable Type: Now making products for WordPress

Back in the day, when blogging was still pretty much in its infancy, Six Apart launched a (relatively) easy to install and customize standalone blogging platform called Movable Type. Movable Type was developed by Mena […]

How To: Double Your Firefox Browsing Speed with a Few Easy Tweaks

Whether or not you’re a hard core Firefox user or a casual surfer, you’re going to want to start using these tweaks. Now. You’re just a few steps away from reducing the amount of RAM […]

Microsoft Unleashes Hell on Earth a.k.a. Songsmith (Specifically this Songsmith Commercial)

Please do not watch this video if there are any sharp objects near you that could be used to stab at your ears to make it all go away, don’t say I didn’t warn you. […]

Flickr’s 3 Billionth Photo: DSC_2672_1

The photo sharing site flickr reached a milestone yesterday when someone uploaded the site’s 3 billionth photo. The photo is a shot of a door on an abandoned house in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward. […]