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Use your phone’s LED notifications to their full potential

Up until about six months ago I was an avid iPhone user. After picking up the iPhone 5 I eventually came to the realization that I was, in fact, getting the same basic product regurgitated […]

Yahoo breathes new life into Flickr with redesign and one terabyte of free storage

Flickr has been around long enough to be considered old school in certain parts of the web. Once it was acquired by Yahoo it sat largely dormant and unchanged until yesterday when Yahoo announced a […]

Start working on building a vibrant community of blog commenters

In all the time I’ve been blogging, one truth has remained constant. The hardest part of building your site, and your community, is building up an active community of commenters. I’ve had sites that pulled […]

Top three reasons to use over a self-hosted WordPress blog

When the question of whether or not a new blogger should use to host their site or set up a self-hosted site the answer, more often than not, is to create a self-hosted WordPress […]

How to Beef Up Your Facebook Security by Enabling HTTPS

A few months back there was a lot of hubbub around a certain Firefox plugin that basically allowed someone that was using the same public WiFi as you to easily access your Facebook account if […]

How To: Beef up your New WordPress Install in Five Easy Steps

It’s no secret that WordPress has pretty well established itself as a preeminent Open Source blogging/CMS platform. It’s a distant memory when WordPress could be described as just another blogging tool. I use WordPress on […]

Recession Tips: Reduce Your Rent with This Simple Letter

I can say from personal experience, if you are a good tenant, this will almost definitely work. In a recession you need to learn how to best use the economic climate to your advantage. From […]

How To: Double Your Firefox Browsing Speed with a Few Easy Tweaks

Whether or not you’re a hard core Firefox user or a casual surfer, you’re going to want to start using these tweaks. Now. You’re just a few steps away from reducing the amount of RAM […]

Protecting Your Brand: A Cautionary Tale

This post would not be happening without the help of someone whom I’ve never met before and who went above and beyond to help me retrieve a domain name that I’ve been trying to get […]