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‘American Sniper’ uses the worst fake baby in the history of filmmaking

“American Sniper” cost just $60 million to make and by the time opening weekend was finished it had already raked in a cool $120+ million you would think that they could have spent just a […]

The top video on Vimeo for 2014

Vimeo is sort of like the classier older brother of YouTube. Believe it or not, Vimeo was actually founded a year before YouTube burst onto the scene. Not that YouTube doesn’t have quality content, the […]

Lucky Chops Brass Band

I saw these guys playing at the Atlantic Ave. terminal the other day. They had a pretty good sized crowd standing around watching them too which is unusual for this location. Normally when people play […]

‘Drone Boning’; The world’s first drone-filmed porno is finally here (NSFW)

Mark it down on your calendars, 2015 (although it was filmed in 2014) is the year that humankind took the drone to the next level. Ghost+Cow films have released the world’s first porno movie that […]

Girl gets busted on TV with her side piece at the Ohio State vs. Alabama game

Ok, I have no idea if this is actually what happened but superimposing that storyline on the way this plays out makes it funny as hell.

The final official trailer for ‘Interstellar’

When I’m not pretending to be a writer, I like to pretend that I have a slightly firmer grasp on the Universe than the average chimpanzee. Then I watch a new video by Lawrence Krauss […]

2-year-old girl gives her parents an earful for laughing at her ‘Frozen’ performance

This poor little Irish (?) girl does not like it when her parents find her attempt at performing a song from “Frozen” a little too amusing.

The Who releases their first song in over 8 years, just waiting for what new CSI show it will be used for

The Who: Be Lucky It’s Friday, eff it, turn up your speakers (or if your co-workers are prudes then put on your headphones), crank up the volume and listen to these septuagenarians rock your socks […]

YouTuber WheezyWaiter celebrates his 1,000th video in the most amazing way

YouTuber WheezyWaiter has over 500,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel where he talks about “coffee, beards, clones, news, weirdness, normalness, and things that you’re not sure are weird or normal”. He posted his 1,000th video […]

College president offers to buy year’s supply of textbooks for any student that beats him in Madden NFL

As part of Columbia College President Dr. Scott Dalrymple’s inauguration festivities, the college will host a fierce, no-holds-barred video game challenge, featuring Madden 25. The winner will advance to a championship bout with the president, […]