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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti garners 45-second standing ovation by swearing and holding up a beer at Kings rally

LA mayor Eric Garcetti was speaking center ice at the Kings Stanley Cup Rally when he showed he knew how to play to the crowd. The video starts with Garcetti saying, “But there are two […]

Etymology of the word ‘Soccer’ in honor of the World Cup

Most people, myself included, probably weren’t aware of the fact that the term “soccer” is actually of British derivation. Originally the term was likely a shortened version of “Association Football” which was what the first […]

Game of Thrones vs. Lord of the Rings

This is fan remake is just brilliant. Bottom line is don’t come between sci-fi geeks and their favorite television watching experiences or all hell is bound to break loose.

Watch Seth Rogen and James Franco try to assassinate Kim Jong-un in ‘The Interview’ official trailer

Seth Rogen and James Franco are finally in the romantic comedy we’ve always wanted to see them in. See what happens when a popular celebrity television personality (James Franco) and his producer (Seth Rogen) are […]

ISS astronauts play soccer in space to kickoff the World Cup

World Cup fever is out of this world (boo pun)! International Space Station Commander Steve Swanson and astronaut Reid Wiseman, both from the United States, and German astronaut Alexander Gerst get their fĂștbol on in […]

Aaron Paul just tweeted this Breaking Bad theme song cover/remix

YouTube user itsMetroGnome posted this amazing remix of the Breaking Bad theme song on YouTube. It’s pretty damn incredible. You can also check out more of MetroGnome’s work at his website here. Do you like […]

Guy stuck in Las Vegas airport alone overnight makes hilarious music video

Stuck in Las Vegas’ McCarran airport overnight Richard Dunn decided to occupy himself by making a music video of himself using Celine Dion’s 1996 version of “All by Myself”. And he really did do the […]

Anti-Redskins commercial that will air during tonight’s NBA Finals

The Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation purchased airtime to run a 60 second spot during halftime of tonight’s NBA Finals game of the Spurs vs. the Heat. The California tribe located just north of San Francisco […]