Does the perfect training exist? 9 steps to find the best workout plan (for you)

Would you like to get in shape and get fit, but you are not sure what the perfect workout is?

Additionally, do you want an exercise program that you will actually be doing?

Great. That's what we do, and we're pretty good at it.

We create personalized training programs for our online coaching clients, and this guide will walk you through the exact ones 9 Steps We'll Follow To Build Any Program::

What is the perfect exercise program for your goals? Let us build it for you!

This may seem like a lot, but ALL steps are important!

In our step-by-step guide to choosing the best exercise plan and fitness, we'll cover the following:

Let's jump right into # 1!

Step 1: what are your training goals?

You are reading this guide which means you probably have SOME goals to get fit.

These goals are likely to fall into one of three categories:

  1. Feel Great and Look Great Naked – You want to lose weight (and / or build muscle) and feel good about your skin.
  2. Get well – Your doctor has told you to change your behavior or you will die prematurely. Yikes
  3. Be happy – You are looking for an exercise program that you do not hate.

I like to refer to these three goals as the Triforce of Awesome.

Because I'm a sucker and because you will remember it.

Happy, healthy, looking good naked.

(There's nothing wrong with trying to look good naked, by the way. That's why I started exercising all those years ago!)

My goal for you is that you meet all three conditions to become healthy, happy, and look damn good.

First, you need to find out why you are here in the first place.

Because we are honest:

This journey is going to be difficult.

You don't just want to "lose weight" and "get fit".

They want to "lose weight" and "get fit" so that "you can start dating again after a chaotic breakup".

Or because "your father died of health problems at a young age and you would like to be around for many decades to come to raise your children."

The more specific and DEEP you can get with your reflections, the more likely it is that you will prevail if you have trouble staying consistent!

I also want you to be realistic about how much time you think you can devote to this trip:

  • 3 days a week for 30 minutes?
  • 5 days for 15 minutes every day?
  • Weekends only?

That's cool – just be up front with you.

How to put it all together:

PART A – Identify a goal to focus on:

  1. "I want to lose 50 pounds."
  2. "I want to gain 30 pounds of muscle."
  3. "I want to fit into my favorite clothes that I haven't been able to wear for years."


  1. What's your "Big Why"? "I'm going to lose this weight and I can start dating again!"
  2. What would it mean for you to get in shape? "A better life without pain."
  3. Who are you doing this for Your family? Yourself? Your wife?

PART C – Be Realistic About How Many Times You Can Exercise:

  1. "I'm a broke college kid with a lot of time. I can easily train for an hour 4 days a week." Great!
  2. "I'm a single mom who has two jobs so I can work out at a gym once a week and the rest has to happen at home." Amazing!
  3. "I am a robot with unlimited energy and I was sent to conquer the earth." Rest-raw. Email me.

Be specific with your answers above.

STEP 1 TAKEAWAY: Choose Your Goals, Choose Your Big Why

We will choose goals that work for us and then build on that foundation.

Have you already written down your goals ?:

  • "My goal is to lose / gain X weight by X date."
  • "My big why is that I want to date someone again / my wife looks at me the way she used to / is an inspiration to my family."
  • "My plan is to train once a week and then find time elsewhere."

We let EVERY coaching customer choose their big why in our online coaching program.

This is what keeps us going when life is too busy and we want to stop!

Now that we have a foundation we can build on it. Like Fornite. #UnnecessaryButTopicalNerdReference

Step 2: Which workouts are best for losing weight?

You can lose all of the weight you need to lose weight without doing a single minute of "exercise".

I don't shit you

(What a fun expression by the way, it makes me happy every time I use it.)

If your ONLY goal is weight loss in any way, exercise isn't necessary.

No treadmills. No gym membership. No boot camps.

Not a bad feeling when you train in public.

No hatred exercise.

"Steve, you wizard, what madness is this?" You call out!

When it comes to weight loss How you eat is responsible for 90 +%. of your success or failure.

If you are just trying to lose weight, all of your effort can go into determining your diet.

As we say here in the Nerd Fitness Rebellion, "You can't escape your fork."

Yes, that means if you can't lose weight, you are eating too many calories compared to the number of calories you burn each day. I can almost guarantee it's not your metabolism or your genetics.

That's because you are overeating.

I've done an in-depth study of diet and weight loss here at Nerd Fitness. Read this information to determine the best nutritional strategies for you:

As we pointed out in our Healthy Eating Guide, when trying to lose weight, the bottom line is making slightly better choices, a little more often:

Fairy tale hour! Nerd Fitness Rebel Tim was told he was unable to exercise due to an injury. He joined our NF Academy (now part of Nerd Fitness Prime) and focused on the three things he could control:

6 months and more than 50 pounds of weight loss later, Tim is a changed man! You can read his full story by clicking the picture below:

So yes, exercise burns calories and helps you get fit.

(If you're curious, strength training is the calorie-burning winner when it comes to weight loss efficiently.)

Exercise of any kind will also make your heart stronger and you will feel better.

But perhaps most importantly, exercise is a reminder that we are trying to be healthier.

That said, exercise can also remind us to make better eating habits.

Just instead of doing this, "Well, I trained today so I can eat 5000 calories!"

Instead, do: "Well, I trained today, so I'll stick to my eating strategy so I don't fall behind!"

STEP 2 TAKEAWAY: Choose A Food Strategy You Can Stick To!

Choose a strategy that speaks your language and will help you burn fewer calories.

Diet is most important, so best spend your time understanding this stuff!

If you're trying to lose more weight or gain muscle FASTER, your diet needs MORE dial-up.

How to start eating healthily:

  1. Find out how many calories you actually need each day.
  2. Track How Many Calories You Eat, Education For Profit!
  3. Eat fewer calories than you burn each day.
  4. Cut down on liquid calories, especially sugary drinks.
  5. Mostly eat real food: meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts.
  6. Track your progress and see how your body changes.

If you're new to nutrition, check out our free one 10-step nutrition system that simplifies the whole process! It's free if you sign up in the box below:

Download our free weight loss guide

THE NERD FITNESS DIET: 10 levels to change your life

  • Follow our 10 step nutrition system at your own pace
  • What You Need To Know About Weight Loss And Healthy Eating
  • 3 simple rules that we follow every day to achieve the goal

Step 3: Finding an Exercise Routine That You Enjoy

If your goal is to look and feel good enough, there is only ONE solution when it comes to the perfect exercise program:

Any exercise that you actually enjoy and that you will be doing regularly.


Exercise is only a 10% part of the “how to get in shape” formula. So if your goal is to "look pretty good, feel pretty good," EVERY exercise is a bonus.

And that means you can just as easily enjoy what you spend your time on!

Here are some suggestions of fun exercises to do:

Running, cycling, powerlifting, yoga, parkour, gymnastics, strength training, LARPing, capoeira, jazzercise, swing dancing, beat saber, hiking, hiking, geocache, Pokémon GO, hashing, ballet, CrossFit, bootcamps, martial arts, Brazilian jiu jitsu, ninja warrior , Dance dance revolution, aerial silk, acro yoga and anything else you can think of.

I give you permission to take Jazzercise classes regularly if you enjoy them.


I'm also giving you permission never to run on a treadmill again unless you enjoy running on a treadmill.

Don't suffer from a certain type of exercise if you hate it.

There are many ways to get your heart racing and get your body moving.

Think about it like this: They are always in the works.

You can never "be finished".

So there is no need to suffer unnecessarily to get a goal just so you can lose some weight and then stopping won't work.

Here is another phrase to internalize:

"Temporary changes produce temporary results."

Stop trying to finish as fast as you can – this is why you have failed in the past.


STEP 3 TAKEAWAY: Do an activity that you enjoy. Do it often.

Write down a list of the practice activities that you love. Write down a list of the "exercises" that you hate. And then do things often on the first list and never do things on the second list!

You don't have to suffer.

Diet makes up 90% of the fight. So if you want to lose weight, get healthier, and be happier, choose a form of exercise that you actually enjoy.

Don't worry about how many calories it burns.

Instead, focus on your diet, then do fun exercises.

How to answer your next questions:

"But Steve, I don't like exercise." You haven't tried enough! I also hate "exercise" so I ONLY do things that I enjoy. Here are 40 fun exercises to try out.

"I've always wanted to try (activity), but I'm scared to try." Use 20 seconds of courage – it works. I promise 🙂

"Steve, I have very specific physical goals and I am willing to suffer a little to achieve those goals." Sounds good. You should focus on reducing calories, weight training, and getting more exercise. Continue reading.

Step 4: what is the best exercise routine? (An Introduction to Weight Training)

Okay, now let's get to the good things:

Yes, eating better can help you lose weight.

Yes, any exercise is better than no exercise.

However, if you want to keep yourself injury free, build a body you are proud of (aka the "fit toned" look everyone is looking for) and improve on the fun activities you picked in Step 3 …

There is one component that needs to be incorporated into your life:

Strength training.

Weight training has so many benefits that it's ridiculous.

100% of people, regardless of age, gender, or height, should be doing some strength training in some form.

And please don't worry – they will NOT get too bulky – unless you want to.

Here are 4 reasons weight training makes every part of life better and helps you get in shape:

  1. Your body is forced to burn extra calories in order to build muscle again. This afterburner effect of increased calorie burn lasts for 24 to 48 hours, which means that 30 minutes of strength training burns significantly more calories than 30 minutes of stable cardio. Efficiency ftw.
  2. They teach your muscles to become more resilient and more "anti-fragile". From piggybacking to playing frisbee to carrying groceries to climbing stairs, weight training makes you safer when you are doing everything.
  3. Strength training will improve you on any activity you selected in the fun exercise section above. Yes, even THAT activity. Let's just say your significant other wants you to exercise strength.
  4. Weight training builds the body you want. It's the best way to lose weight, gain muscle, and keep the muscle you have while burning the fat on the muscle.

Hopefully by now you are all:

"Steve, you clever devil, I'm INTRIGUED. But weight training doesn't seem fun and gyms intimidate me. "

We cover this at length in our "Beginner's Guide to Strength Training," but I'll cover it here, too:

When I say "strength training" I simply mean "moving your body so that your muscles must respond by getting stronger:"

Your muscles are exposed to external stimuli (you pick up your child, you do push-ups, you carry groceries, you do a squat, etc.) and they “break down” from use.

Over the next few days, they will rebuild stronger to prepare for more impulses (a bigger challenge).

By building strength over time, you can become functionally stronger and avoid situations like Mr. Potato Head here:

"Strength training" can take place in a gym or at your home, with your body weight or with free weights, in a box or with a fox. The options for weight training are endless.

Do you HATE gyms? You never have to go into one. Ever. Christina lost 50 pounds without going to the gym.

Afraid of Weight Training? You can only train with your body weight!

WANT to learn how to work out in a gym? Check out our 6-step fitness training guide.

NOT SURE how to train strength and want leadership? Check out our online coaching program!

It doesn't have to be too complicated!

Start with two basic movements that you can literally do now, even in your cabin:

Boom, check this out! You just did strength training.

I promise you: Get stronger with pushups and squats, and learn how to do pull ups. You are in better shape and look better than ever.

How do you get stronger Simply: "progressive overload".

This may sound complicated, but it just means adding a tiny amount to the challenge with each workout, so your body has to work harder and adapt more each time.

And then one day you will look in the mirror and say, "WHO DO I MUSCLED, WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?"

Coach Jim describes 8 different strategies for progressive overload in this video:

I have one last person I want to address: "But Steve, you fool, I hate weight training."

That's not a nice name to call me, but fair enough!

Consider getting bitten by a radioactive spider or finding a super serum.

Otherwise, these five alternatives might pique your interest:

  1. Air silk.
  2. Gymnastics and parkour.
  3. Handstands.
  4. Acro Yoga.
  5. Hiking with your kids.

Let's create a strength training program that you will actually do! Find out more about NF Coaching here:

STEP 4 TAKEAWAY: Start Strength Training Today.

Pick a workout that doesn't intimidate you and give it a try! You can start TODAY.

You don't HAVE to do strength training, you MUST do strength training.

Every time you work out, repeat ONE more push-ups, or lift ONE pound heavier than the last time.

What's the best way to do more than last time?

Write down what you do! Keep it simple Write down your sets, repetitions, and weights. And then do better next time.

If you're wondering how many reps and sets to start with, Coach Jim's answer is right here:

Step 5: creating a strength training plan

All right, all right, you've read the previous section and you think:

  • "Steve, I've heard that training individual parts of the body like a bodybuilder is the best way to build muscle."
  • "What about Stronglifts 5 × 5 or Starting Strength or CrossFit?"
  • "I hear I should ONLY do free weights, and machines are the devil!"

My Thoughts: I don't care how you do strength training when you start or which strength training program you choose:

If you want to follow a bodybuilding routine that uses a lot of machines and isolation exercises, this is great!

If you want to work your left biceps and right buttocks on Tuesdays, and right triceps and left shoulder on Wednesdays, and so on, go for it!

If you want to follow a training DVD or follow bootcamp style stuff on YouTube, this is great.

Whatever makes you manipulate your body and learn the basics of strength training, I'm for it.

As long as you enjoy it and get results, keep doing what you do.

And if you want a beginner strength routine to follow, that's cool, too.

Here are the basic philosophies we teach our online coaching clients:

# 1 You will be healthier and see rounded results Free weight training and bodyweight exercises versus machines.

Machines can be used when rehabilitating an injury or when there are no other options (for example, you are in a hotel gym).

If you just want to train with machines? You do you. Here is how to switch from machines to weights.

# 2 Full compound movements will help you get strong and healthy in the most efficient way:

Your body is a complex machine that uses all of your muscles at the same time when you are physically active.

Therefore, it is safer and more efficient to train with compound movements rather than isolated movements.

Here are 15 circuit training routines that use these exercises.

# 3 Keep it simple. As you progress each week by putting on more weight or doing more repetitions, your body will transform like Optimus Prime.

But as in a better version of you, not a robot:

# 4 barbell squats and deadlifts can change your life just as they changed Coach Staci:

# 5 If you're having more fun with a bodybuilder-style workout, or you like bootcamp classes instead of weight training, this is great!

If you are healthy and happy and getting results, stick with it.

# 6 Muscle confusion is not a thing at all.

STEP 5 TAKEAWAY: Choose a strength training program!

How to improve your strength training:

  1. Read our Strength 101 seriesand learn squats, deadlifts, and presses.
  2. Are you afraid to work out in the gym? Read this fitness guide and follow the beginner workouts (or learn how to work out your own here).
  3. Choose a program: Learn about the best strength training routines and exercises.
  4. Would you like form checks, instructions and individual training every morning? Get a trainer!

What's this? Would you like to set up your own training program?

Great! Here's how to create your own exercise routine.

If you'd like us to do the heavy lifting for you (HEYO) we have a killer online coaching program where we tailor the exact training for you, including nutritional advice, support and accountability.

Let our online trainers put together the perfect training program for you! It's like having a Jedi Master in your pocket. Learn more:

Step 6: Focus your training plan on specific goals

Okay, now we come to the secret sauce that changed thousands and thousands of lives at Nerd Fitness.

Don't worry, our secret sauce is low-calorie, low-carb, and keto-friendly.

Here is the scenario: Your goal is to lose 50 pounds and after you've eaten better and exercised more, you actually start to lose some weight!

I'm so proud of you.

In fact, I just called your mom to tell her what a good person you are. Nice woman.

Anyway, things are going well until you get close to your target weight (woo!) And hit a deviating path:

  • Path A: "I'm about to hit my goal weight! I can be done soon!"
  • Path B: "I'm approaching my target weight. What can my new body do?"

People who choose Path A always fall behind and usually gain weight over the next few months and years. Here's why most people are doomed not to lose weight permanently:

Temporary action = temporary results.

Are we talking about Path B now? This is the reason why our coaching clients drop the weight and keep changing.

Consistent effort + progressive challenge = permanent improvement.

People on Path B are wondering, "Now that I've lost this weight, what am I capable of? Let's train for it!"

This is a definite mental change.

Exercise is no longer a means to an end.

There is no end.

Such as…

We encourage our rebels to move from weight loss goals to physical challenges (like Double Dare but with less gak):

  1. "I've always wanted to do a handstand, let's start exercising to get better at it."
  2. "I always want to train with gymnastics rings! Let's try it!"
  3. "I've always wanted to run 5K, I'll adjust my routine to become a stronger runner."
  4. “I want to try the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I will register for a class! "
  5. "I'm going to sign up for swing dancing so I can destroy the dance floor at the next wedding I attend."

WHY IT WORKS: By exercising to get better at a particular activity, you trigger the same processes in your brain that lead us to progress in video games:

That's why we say: "Just one more level!" or "I bet I can do one more repeat!" or "I can climb this new path that is harder than any other path I've tried before!"

STEP 6 TAKEAWAY: Moving from weight loss goals to physical challenges.

Once you start getting in shape, updating your mindset can be a HUGE game changer.

You've put all of this work into building a new body – take a test drive and find out what you are capable of!

The less you worry about your weight and the more you worry about your performance, the more likely you are to build a body that you are proud of, that is functional, and that you can keep forever.

As they say, "Appearance is a result of fitness."

If you want to dig deeper into skills and advanced physique, check out our post here: "The Ultimate Guide to Building Any Physique."

Pick a skill, pick someone farther away (better than you) to model yourself, and adjust your training and diet to improve that skill.

As you master these physical skills better, your body will begin to improve as a side effect.

Do you want an exercise program that will grow with you and keep you happy and challenged? Learn more:

Step 7: have healthy expectations for your exercise plan

When we talk about physique and physical goals, I want to address something that is very challenging for many people:

“Steve, I want to lose some weight, build muscle and also build more endurance. I want to get strong and run a marathon, but also look like a model.

Oh and get yourself a six pack. But I don't want to be too bulky.

Can I do this in 6 weeks, please? "

Here's the truth: your body can only do so many things at the same time, and the above three goals are pulling your body in three completely separate directions.

If you're not sure what realistic goals are, I have answers to BOTH questions (click on each to learn more):

Are these numbers what you expected? Do you wish you could get in shape faster?

Of course you do. Me too!

For example, it took me 7 months of targeted effort to lose 22 pounds safely and sustainably.

Surprisingly, by changing our timeline more realistically, we can make better progress than ever before:

KEY TAKEAWAY # 7: Have realistic expectations!

Have the right expectations and focus on the process.

You will get there when you get there – so just focus on what you can do today.

If you're not sure whether to build muscle first or lose weight first, here is my humble advice:

  1. Eat a light calorie deficit. Train strength and move a lot.
  2. Eat enough protein and exercise hard to lose fat and maintain your muscle.
  3. Do this until you have reached a sufficiently low body fat percentage (10-11% for men, 17-18% for women).
  4. Now slightly increase your caloric intake. Build strength and muscle until you reach the size you want.
  5. Now is the time to decide whether you want to reintroduce cardio, cut more fat, or keep getting bigger.
  6. To repeat!

Step 8: how do I choose a sustainable exercise routine? (Exercise with others)

I love sharing nerd fitness stories from REAL people with real struggles who have found the perfect program that fits their lifestyle, like Christina above.

These are not people with superior genetics. They don't take steroids or choke on supplements (most supplements are a waste of money).

The success stories in our community work full time, have kids, friends, and nerdy hobbies.

Some are single mothers.

But they have found a training program that is suitable for their life situation:

Some of them are hitch.

Some of them train at home without equipment.

Some of them run 5ks.

When you're starting to get in better shape, who you connect with is almost as important as you exercise.

Sounds ridiculous (did I just make you scream, "Luda!"?), But it can be the difference between long-term success and long-term fidgety. And not the sweet way.

They say you are an average of the 5 people you are most connected with.

Think about your roommates, significant other, friends and colleagues:

Is it people who have succeeded in how you want to be successful, support you on your journey, answer questions you may have, and make you keep getting better?

Or is it people asking you to skip your workout, making fun of you for getting up early to work out on a Saturday morning and empowering you instead of supporting you?

The more time you can spend with people in Group A, the more likely you are to stay on target and make progress.

As you get better at a skill, do whatever you can to hang out with people who are good at that skill!

  1. Do you feel like running and want to run better? Join or create a running group!
  2. Möchten Sie Powerlifting ernst nehmen? Mieten Sie einen Personal Trainer oder treten Sie einem Powerlifting-Club bei.
  3. Willst du besser im Handstand sein? Versuchen Sie, an einer Turnklasse für Erwachsene teilzunehmen!
  4. Möchten Sie wie CrossFit-Athleten aussehen? Großartig! Mach mit beim Kult! Ich Kind, CFers, du bist gut in meinem Buch 🙂

Wenn Sie keine Menschen in Ihrem Leben haben, die Sie besser machen, sollten Sie einen Trainer oder Ausbilder einstellen oder an einer Klasse teilnehmen, um sich noch weiter voranzutreiben und verantwortlich zu bleiben!

Und ich sage dir nicht, dass du deine Freunde feuern sollst, aber du musst möglicherweise Opfer wie Katniss bringen, bis du besser gerüstet bist, um für deinen neuen gesunden Lebensstil einzutreten, wenn sie wollen, dass du auf die dunkle Seite zurückkommst!

Nerd Fitness hilft Menschen beim Training und beim Essen, sicher.

Aber ich glaube, wir erzielen dauerhafte Ergebnisse für die Menschen, weil wir unser Bestes tun, um die unterstützendste Community im Internet zu fördern.

Viele unserer Erfolgsgeschichten enthalten Einzelunterricht aus unserem Online-Coaching-Programm, während einige aus unseren Selbstlernkursen in NF Prime stammen.

Und andere? Sie lasen die kostenlosen Artikel über Nerd Fitness und halfen sich, das Ziel zu erreichen!

Es kommt darauf an, von Menschen zu lernen und mit ihnen zu interagieren, die genau wie Sie sind oder die Menschen sind, wie Sie sein möchten, wenn Sie „erwachsen“ werden (in Form kommen)!

Klicken Sie auf jedes Bild, um die ganze Geschichte zu erfahren:






Und ich? Ich habe als Kind mit Karate angefangen. Dann Langlauf in der High School. Dann Bodybuilder-Training im College. Dann war es Körpergewichtstraining.

Und nun? Powerlifting und Gymnastik! So bin ich von Steve Rogers zu Captain America gegangen und habe mich dann herausgelehnt.

SCHRITT 8 TAKEAWAY: Umgib dich mit Menschen, die dich dazu drängen, besser zu werden.

Sie brauchen Menschen in Ihrem Leben, die Sie dazu drängen, besser zu werden.

Wenn Sie diese Personen noch nicht haben, können Sie einem Club oder einer Klasse in Ihrer Gemeinde beitreten. Sie könnten einfach neue Freunde fürs Leben finden!

Und wenn Sie in einer bestimmten Fähigkeit oder Aktivität an der Spitze Ihres Spiels stehen möchten, müssen Sie möglicherweise einen Trainer, Coach oder einen Online-Personal Trainer einstellen, der Ihre Situation genau kennt.

Zusätzlich zu unseren bezahlten privaten Communities haben wir AUCH eine kostenlose Message Board-Community, die floriert!

Wir würden uns freuen, wenn Sie Teil unserer Online-Community wären!

Schritt 9: Verfolgen der Ergebnisse Ihres Trainingsplans

„Danke Steve, aber das war viel. Was mache ich jetzt?"

Lassen Sie mich die Schritte 1 bis 8 zusammenfassen:

  • Schritt 1: Was sind Ihre Trainingsziele?
  • Schritt 2: Welches Training eignet sich am besten zum Abnehmen?
  • Schritt 3: Finden einer Trainingsroutine, die Ihnen Spaß macht
  • Schritt 4: Was ist die beste Trainingsroutine? (Eine Einführung in das Krafttraining)
  • Schritt 5: Erstellen eines Krafttrainingsplans
  • Schritt 6: Konzentrieren Sie Ihren Trainingsplan auf bestimmte Ziele
  • Schritt 7: Haben Sie gesunde Erwartungen an Ihren Trainingsplan
  • Schritt 8: Wie wähle ich eine nachhaltige Trainingsroutine aus? (Übung mit anderen)

Je nachdem, wo Sie sich im Leben befinden und wie viel Gewicht Sie verlieren müssen, sind Sie in den nächsten Jahren möglicherweise nur mit den Schritten 1, 2 und 3 zufrieden.

Das ist großartig!

Und wenn Sie bereit sind, mehr als das zu tun, sind wir auch für Sie da.

Wenn Sie möchten, dass ich Ihnen tatsächlich sage, was zu tun ist, würde ich Folgendes vorschlagen:

Hier ist eine Strategie, die für mühelose Attraktivität, Glück und gute Nacktheit optimiert ist::

  1. Krafttraining zweimal pro Woche: Kniebeugen, Liegestütze und Klimmzüge.
  2. Mach 1-2x pro Woche lustige Aktivitäten.
  3. Gehen Sie, wenn Sie können.
  4. Konzentrieren Sie sich auf Ihre Ernährung.

Ich würde dort anfangen und dann nach 30 Tagen zwei Dinge tun:

# 1) Verfolgen Sie Ihre Compliance, um festzustellen, ob Sie das Training tatsächlich durchgeführt haben!

Bist du zweimal pro Woche spazieren gegangen, hast Krafttraining gemacht und hast eine lustige Aktivität gemacht? Sie können dies in Ihrem Kalender oder in einem Notizbuch verfolgen.

  • Yes? Großartig! Fahren Sie mit Frage 2 fort.
  • Nein? Großartig! Sie haben gelernt, dass Sie versucht haben, zu viel zu tun. Weniger tun und weitere 30 Tage wiederholen.

# 2) Messen Sie, ob Sie Ihrem Zielgewicht / Ihren Fähigkeiten / Ihrem Körperbau näher gekommen sind?

Sind Sie gesünder, glücklicher und selbstbewusster?

  • Yes? Großartig! Mach weiter, was du tust!
  • Nein? Großartig! Diese Strategie hat nicht funktioniert. Verfolgen Sie Ihre Nahrungsaufnahme, passen Sie Ihre Ernährung an. Wiederholen.

"Steve, das ist immer noch nicht spezifisch genug. Ich möchte, dass Sie mir für meine genaue Situation sagen, was ich jeden Tag tun muss, um meine Ziele zu erreichen. Oh und mach mich verantwortlich. Okay, danke."

I’m not clairvoyant or omniscient (…yet), so in the meantime, you can check out our really fun 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program.

Your Coach (a member of Team NF we’ll match you with based on your needs) will get to know you, your goals, and your challenges, and develop a workout plan that’s specific to not only your body type, but also to your schedule and life.

Click the image below to schedule a free call to see if we’re a good fit for each other!

Our coaching program is like having Yoda in your pocket (not literally, of course)! Learn how we can help:

I don’t care whatever path you pick, be it our coaching, NF Prime, or if you just read the free stuff on Nerd Fitness and never buy anything!

I just want to help you get results, feel better about yourself, and stop struggling to make exercise consistent.

So let’s hear it. Where are you on your path to finding your perfect workout program!?

Tell me what your goals are. I’d love to hear about what you’re working on.

Which step are you on? Stuck on Level 3? What are the activities you LOVE/HATE?

What program are you following? Do you have a question on what to pick?

What have you found works for you, and what DIDN’T work for you?

Leave a comment and share your story with your fellow rebels!


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