eight Methods To Make £ 500 This Month

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If you're looking for some extra cash this month, don't despair. There are many ways you can make up to £ 500 a month. If you don't believe us, read on to see the evidence.

  1. Online website testing and mystery shopping
  2. Earn £ 500 This Month Selling Your Stuff
  3. Sign up for Shepper to start making £ 500 this month
  4. Check your tax status
  5. Claim your money back from your utility company
  6. Set up a sideline to help out in the community
  7. Freelance online to make £ 500
  8. Become a part-time virtual assistant
  9. The final breakdown

Online website testing and mystery shopping

Since we're all online anyway, you can also make money surfing the internet.

There are many ways to do this, from online website testing to mystery shopping. Some of these are more complicated and time consuming than others.

One way that you don't have to do very little is with an app from Ipsos Mori, the well-respected market research company. In fact, you only get paid to sign up!
The Ipsos Iris UK app quietly tracks user behavior in the background while using your phone or tablet. It sends the information to Ipsos without you having to do anything.

The Ipsos app pays you 5 euros per month plus 10 euros to sign – that's 15 euros in your pocket

Earn £ 500 this month selling your stuff

Do you have old clothes in the back of your closet that you never wear? Or maybe books that you don't read or need for courses that you have now completed? Instead of letting them gather dust, get some cash for them instead.

Sites like Depop are great for selling clothes, while eBay and Facebook Marketplace are perfect for selling anything and everything – from books to wardrobes.

Selling 5 items for £ 10 a pop will get you £ 50 in one month. Don't forget to consider shipping and handling charges when selling, however, as these can weigh on your profits if you don't add them to your selling price.

Of course, there is no limit to the amount you can sell or make with it. The only limit is the amount you have to sell!

Sign up for Shepper to start making extra cash this month

Shepper is a service for businesses across the UK that reviews their marketing, retail and even rental properties to make sure everything is running smoothly.

The app uses Shepherds to do business tasks. This saves so much money for the company, gives you the opportunity to make extra cash on your free time, and improves the service to customers.

You can be paid between £ 2 and £ 20 for a task. According to Shepper, you can expect to make around $ 10 for a 45-minute assignment. So if you choose to do two 45 minute assignments per week, you can make £ 80 in a month.

Check your tax status to see if you can get a refund

Taxes are usually not seen as a means of making money – rather, a means of losing money! However, you may be eligible for a tax refund.

There are a surprising number of reasons you could be getting a tax refund. Check here if you meet the criteria. Thanks to Covid-19, which is affecting working hours (and even layoffs), more people than ever could qualify for a tax refund this year. If you are self-employed and paid invoices in July for your current tax year, you may also be required to receive a refund if it turns out that you are overpaid.

Every situation is unique, so it's hard to tell how much money you could make on a tax refund. However, if you are eligible for a refund it is expected to be at least £ 50 per month.

Is a council tax refund due?

One lesser known thing is that as the only person living in your home, you are eligible for a 25% council tax rebate. Now, if you get a universal loan or other benefit, your low income may mean you are eligible for additional tax assistance from the council. Some councils are currently backlogged – so your refund will reset to the date you applied.

Due to Covid-19, local councils currently have the authority to give tax cuts of up to 100 percent on bills for many people who pay for benefits – meaning you pay nothing. They can also offer one-time grants to low-income households to cut the bill by £ 150.

Some people have managed to negotiate a council tax refund by re-evaluating their home for council tax taxation. It's a complicated process that starts with a lot of legwork and research at the VOA. However, if you feel that your property should be in a lower area (based on similar homes in your area) then it is worth claiming. You could get thousands of pounds back if your property is moved to a lower tax band.

Claim your money back from your utility company

Earn £ 500 in a month by filing for refunds

An amazing number of people overpaid their electricity bills and actually have a surplus in their accounts.

According to a 2019 study, around 12 million UK households are receiving loans to their utility companies totaling £ 1.5 billion. One in ten people owed a tax refund was over £ 200 owed.

You can claim this money back or use it to lower your next bill when you have credit.

There are also a number of people who ran out of money when they switched supplier. If you have switched while on your credit in the past 6 years, you may be able to claim an average of £ 50 back from your old supplier.

If you are on a low income and are having trouble paying your bills, you may also be eligible for an energy allowance to help reduce or eliminate your energy debt. Find out more here.

If you take the average you can claim £ 50 back this month. Of course, you may be entitled to much more than that. So check this carefully!

Set up a sideline to help out in the community

Making money can often be viewed as a self-centered act that will only benefit you and your family. But you can also help your community.

There are many side businesses that can help your neighbors and make you some cash on the side. Popular options include walking your dog and washing your car – both of which many of your neighbors will appreciate.

For more suggestions on how to ethically make money in your community, click here.

These odd jobs can add up quickly for you too without taking up a lot of your time.

If you walk a dog twice a week and ask for £ 10 an hour, you have an extra £ 80 in your pocket by the end of the month!

Freelance online to make £ 500

The internet can be a huge distraction, but it also offers many opportunities to make money.

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork are great for freelance work because they have thousands of entries from around the world.

They have a range of jobs on offer, from copywriting to graphic design to social media. Regardless of your skills, you need to find a suitable job.

The amount you will receive depends on the job and your experience. However, you can earn a minimum of £ 10 an hour.

So if you work two hours a week you can make £ 80 a month!

Become a part-time virtual assistant

Virtual Assistants (VA) are essentially freelancers who work remotely in an administrative role for a company or a customer. They rent their administrative or creative support to various clients and companies and support their needs from home.

Some people hire VAs full-time, but you can also work part-time for a range of clients, depending on their needs per week. This gives you the flexibility to work whenever you want and make extra cash without overwhelming yourself with too much work.

As a new virtual assistant, you could be making around £ 25 an hour. If you only work 2 hours a week, you can realistically make £ 200 a month.

The final breakdown

Still not convinced that this adds up to over £ 500 in a month? Here's the math:

Online website test – £ 15
Sell ​​your stuff – £ 50
Registration with Shepper – £ 80
Tax reclaim – £ 50
Claim from your utility company – £ 50
Setting up a side business – £ 80
Freelance – £ 80
Become a virtual assistant – £ 120
Total – £ 525

More tips on making money

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