How to Beef Up Your Facebook Security by Enabling HTTPS

A few months back there was a lot of hubbub around a certain Firefox plugin that basically allowed someone that was using the same public WiFi as you to easily access your Facebook account if […]

Can the US Private Sector Compete With Government Funded Techs in China and Europe?

I read a great post yesterday on Robert Scoble’s site called Screw the super angels, we need a super user collusion table at Bin-38. Today I read a piece in the NYT called Silicon Valley’s […]

Google and Verizon Close to Inking Deal That Would Kill Net Neutrality and Turn the Internet Into One Big Mafia-like ‘Protection Racket’ [UPDATE]

In case you haven’t been paying attention today you may want to start because we could be witnessing the end of the internet as we know it. Apparently Google decided to take its corporate philosophy […]

Amber Lyon Ambushes Craig Newmark in an Attempt to Seem Relevant

I’m quite certain that Craig Newmark, Jim Buckmaster and Craigslist in general don’t need me to come to their defense, but this whole Amber Lyon thing is making me flip my lid. When a vapid, […]

Cowboy Health Care

In two or three or four generations I hope the children of our children’s children are wise enough to look back on our generation with kindness. With more of a smirk and sense of wonder […]

A Few Facts About Net Neutrality

If you’re reading this then, more than likely, you’re on the internet. And, it stands to reason, if you’re on the internet you probably enjoy using the internet for all sorts of wonderful things, such […]

The Inglorious Rise and Fall of Movable Type: Now making products for WordPress

Back in the day, when blogging was still pretty much in its infancy, Six Apart launched a (relatively) easy to install and customize standalone blogging platform called Movable Type. Movable Type was developed by Mena […]

How To: Beef up your New WordPress Install in Five Easy Steps

It’s no secret that WordPress has pretty well established itself as a preeminent Open Source blogging/CMS platform. It’s a distant memory when WordPress could be described as just another blogging tool. I use WordPress on […]

Is Sesame Street Responsible for the Gentrification of Brooklyn?

I’ve often wondered if part of the reason places like Park Slope and other brownstone neighborhoods were overrun with gentrification was, in fact, the upwardly mobile upper middle class subconsciously fulfilling their childhood dreams of […]

Recession Tips: Reduce Your Rent with This Simple Letter

I can say from personal experience, if you are a good tenant, this will almost definitely work. In a recession you need to learn how to best use the economic climate to your advantage. From […]