Current Time Magazine Cover Story on ‘How to Save Your Newspaper’ epitomizes why Newspapers need to be saved in the first place

Time Magazine proudly boasts this month’s cover story by Walter Isaacson called “How to Save Your Newspaper”. The irony of the story is that it highlights exactly why print media is failing in the first […]

How To: Double Your Firefox Browsing Speed with a Few Easy Tweaks

Whether or not you’re a hard core Firefox user or a casual surfer, you’re going to want to start using these tweaks. Now. You’re just a few steps away from reducing the amount of RAM […]

Microsoft Unleashes Hell on Earth a.k.a. Songsmith (Specifically this Songsmith Commercial)

Please do not watch this video if there are any sharp objects near you that could be used to stab at your ears to make it all go away, don’t say I didn’t warn you. […]

Protecting Your Brand: A Cautionary Tale

This post would not be happening without the help of someone whom I’ve never met before and who went above and beyond to help me retrieve a domain name that I’ve been trying to get […]

Flickr’s 3 Billionth Photo: DSC_2672_1

The photo sharing site flickr reached a milestone yesterday when someone uploaded the site’s 3 billionth photo. The photo is a shot of a door on an abandoned house in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward. […]

Lento’s in Bay Ridge Abrubtly Shuts its Doors After More Than 73 Years in Business

The new year brought the loss of a Brooklyn landmark, one of the oldest family run bar/restaurants in Brooklyn shuttered its windows and locked its doors for the last time without any warning at all. […]

A Strange Maple Syrup Smell Overtook the City Last Night

OK, so I live in Brooklyn and I definitely smelled it.  A number of people, as far up as 97th street in Manhattan, say they smelled it too. It came out of nowhere, suddenly I […]

R.I.P. Mom and Pop?

Deciding that I needed a new book to start reading I grabbed my backpack and walked down to my local bookstore. It’s a small, quaint bookstore that is family run and very homey feeling. Everyone […]