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GOP Congressman busted for coke posession last month just voted to drug-test food stamp recipients

UPDATE: David from FGCU Eagle News sent a link to this video of Radel’s press conference last night where he announced he would be taking a leave of absence to enter into an inpatient drug […]

Ron Shaich, founder and CEO of Panera Bread attempts to live on food stamps for 7 days

Although it’s always nice to see a wealthy person try and put themselves in the shoes of an average American it often wreaks just a little too much of self-sacrifice rather than self-discovery. Ron Shaich […]

Colbert: If Poor People Want Food Stamps They Should Become Wealthy Corporations

The House republicans “compromised” on the new farm bill that was just passed by completely removing food stamp legislation from the bill. Don’t let the term “farm bill” fool you. It’s not like these subsidies […]

In Response to Walmart’s Threats to Pull Out of D.C. If Forced to Pay a ‘Living Wage’ Let’s Show Them What We Think by Making August ‘Walmart Free’

Update: The D.C. Council approved the ‘living wage’ bill despite of Walmart’s threats! But seriously, this post is still worth reading, the fight is not over. “Walmart Free August!” What exactly would need to happen […]