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Every iPhone Commercial Ever Made

This compilation of every iPhone commercial ever made is pretty damn cool. Check it out.

How to stream YouTube audio on your locked iPhone

A lot of people use YouTube for listening to music on their phones. A complaint I hear often is that when streaming audio on the iPhone the audio cuts out if you lock your phone. […]

2014 iPhone Photography Awards winners were announced today

The 2014 IPPAWARDS were announced today. The IPPAWARDS have been around since the iPhone came out in 2007. Looking at some of today’s winners it’s really amazing to see how far the iPhone has come […]

Less than seven years ago the first iPhone, a complete game changer, was released

It’s been a little less than a month since Apple released its iPhone 5s and the entirely new iPhone 5c. As news comes out that the iPhone 5s is outselling all other handsets on the […]

‘Switching to Android’ results skyrocket on Twitter as iOS 7 is released

There is one fact that you can always count on when it comes to people and their technology usage…they HATE change. As iPhone users started taking the leap and updating their phones to the latest […]

Microsoft’s iPhone parody commercial which has now been deleted

Microsoft released a series of iPhone parody commercials and then yanked them after only being online for a few hours. The reason cited for the takedown was that the commercials received a “poor reception”. Seriously? […]

Kids find iPhone and make adorable video on Instagram to let the owner know

There’s nothing that can freak a person out these days more than losing a phone. Especially an iPhone which has pretty much every aspect of your life tucked away on it. Well, that’s what happened […]