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First photo of Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’

The movie is slated to come out in 2019 and man I cannot wait to see this flick. Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio both in the same film? AND directed by Tarantino? Wow. Just wow.

‘American Sniper’ uses the worst fake baby in the history of filmmaking

“American Sniper” cost just $60 million to make and by the time opening weekend was finished it had already raked in a cool $120+ million you would think that they could have spent just a […]

‘Drone Boning’; The world’s first drone-filmed porno is finally here (NSFW)

Mark it down on your calendars, 2015 (although it was filmed in 2014) is the year that humankind took the drone to the next level. Ghost+Cow films have released the world’s first porno movie that […]

The final official trailer for ‘Interstellar’

When I’m not pretending to be a writer, I like to pretend that I have a slightly firmer grasp on the Universe than the average chimpanzee. Then I watch a new video by Lawrence Krauss […]

Watch Seth Rogen and James Franco try to assassinate Kim Jong-un in ‘The Interview’ official trailer

Seth Rogen and James Franco are finally in the romantic comedy we’ve always wanted to see them in. See what happens when a popular celebrity television personality (James Franco) and his producer (Seth Rogen) are […]

‘Gravity’ scenes that made it to the cutting room floor

This would have made a far more interesting film in my opinion.

Every Transformers transformation scene from all three movies in 10 minutes

This is really the only reason to see any of these movies, besides the occasionally passable action scenes, to see the Transformers doing their thing. This video has every transformation scene from all three of […]

‘In Saturn’s Rings’ First Official 4K Trailer Released

While 4K looks like a phenomenal leap forward in the hi-def viewing experience there’s still probably not enough stuff out there to justify spending the money on a 4K compatible TV right now. Although “In […]