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Not Sure if Trump Should Fire His Design Team or Give Them a Raise

Regardless of what happens with this election we can take the glass half-full approach and, at the very least, understand how a person like Hitler could be dropped in a petri dish of pure shit […]

Why we should care about Radio Shack going out of business

RadioShack Suffered as Free Time Evaporated Chain Built Itself as Hub of Leisure Activities Enjoyed to a Degree Now Hard to Fathom In 1963, the year his company bought a nine-store chain then known by […]

Can democracy as we know it succeed?

It’s so ingrained into our being, we are taught from the time we take our first steps that we live in the greatest country on Earth and that we send nice young men and women […]

85 people control as much wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion combined

It’s not really hard to tell when a system is broken when you are coming out with numbers like this. Oxfam International, a poverty fighting organization, made news at the World Economic Forum in Davos […]

The wealthiest Americans who hate “takers” enjoy $2 trillion in special tax carve outs, more than double the entire annual budget of Social Security

Source: As they accumulate more and more wealth, the very rich have less need for society. At the same time, they’ve convinced themselves that they made it on their own, and that contributing to societal […]

A Canadian law that could save the United States

Saying that our government is full of a bunch of rich, corrupt assholes that are so out of touch with a majority of Americans and their problems is like saying that the sky is blue. […]

Lawmakers that voted to uphold NSA spying received double the defense industry cash

Do we need anymore proof that our government is bought and paid for? The numbers tell the story — in votes and dollars. On Wednesday, the House voted 217 to 205 not to rein in […]

Average CEO Makes In a Day What Average Worker Makes a Year

What exactly were we celebrating our independence from again? In 1965, the average CEO made 20 times the average worker. Now the ratio is 273 to 1, meaning the average CEO makes in a day […]

Alan Grayson on Secret ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership’ treaty: It “hands the sovereignty of our country over to corporate interests”

If you’ve never heard of the the Trans-Pacific Partnership don’t feel bad, the Obama administration has gone to great lengths to keep it completely under wraps. Even members of Congress haven’t been allowed to see […]