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And the best Halloween costume for a bank goes to…

Reddit user AP1s2k‘s “girlfriend” (come on he’s a redditor) sent him this photo of her local bank decked out like “The Price is Right” circa 1977. It is nice though to see a bank actually […]

44 photos of vintage Halloween costumes that will haunt your dreams

Back in the day people did not mess around with cutesy Halloween costumes, they were in it to scar you for life. Crazy ass demon costumes and little boys smoking cigars. Even the two photos […]

Young Meryl Streep on the graffiti covered NYC subway

I’ve lived in NYC for the past 15 years but having not grown up here I am fascinated by old subway photos. By the time I moved here the whole graffiti covered subway cars blight […]

The Antennae Galaxies/NGC 4038-4039

These two spiral galaxies, drawn together by gravity, started to interact a few hundred million years ago. The Antennae Galaxies are the nearest and youngest examples of a pair of colliding galaxies. So beautiful. via […]

Hollow point bullets shot into water create hauntingly beautiful results

Andrew Tuohy, the guy who runs the firearms blog vuurwapenblog, posted this photo of what hollow point bullets look like once they expand. The haunting part is knowing that while these bullets create eye-catching geometrical […]

Lindsay Lohan nude pics ‘leaked’ online to promote her new movie ‘The Canyons’ [NSFW]

Rumor has it that the photos making their way around the internet from Lohan’s new movie “The Canyons” were accidentally on purpose leaked by the movies producers to try and drum up some publicity for […]

Creepy eBay guy with a foot fetish really wants to see a woman’s feet, her husband complies

Yesterday reddit user Ferenginar posted a link to an email conversation he had just had with the title, “My wife tried selling her shoes on ebay. Someone keeps asking for pics of her feet in […]

Amazing Photos of an Orca Jumping 15 Feet in the Air While Chasing a Dolphin

These amazing photos of an EIGHT TON orca getting 15 feet in the air were taken by photographer Christopher Swann. I can’t even imagine how fast and at what angle the orca must have been […]

Airline Pilot Captures Beautiful Shot of the MUOS-2 Satellite Making Its Way to Orbit

My friend is an airline pilot. He was startled by the launch of the MUOS-2 satellite this morning. #space http://t.co/VzR6AEkXKF — Space Future (@spacefuture) July 20, 2013 You would think that the launching of a […]