"Why can't I lose weight?" 8 uncomfortable truths that are holding you back

"Why can't I take it off, Steve?"

This question breaks my heart every time I hear it. And I hear it several times a day by frustrated people like you.

Some of these people are our 1-on-1 coaching clients that we work closely with to uncover the truth.

And this is what we are looking for: The Truth About Why Weight Loss Is So Hard To Achieve.

Why "Eat less and exercise more " sounds good in theory, but offends those who do KNOW this, do your best, and yet the scales won't move.

We're going to approach today's topic with statistics, science, and lots of Harry Potter analogies. That's nerd fitness.

We go over:

Let's get in Scuba Steve style so you can see initial results!

If you are someone who wants a Yoda in your corner to guide you through the ups and downs of your fitness journey, we are here for you with our online coaching program!

No shame or judgment – just a supportive person who works hard to make you succeed 🙂


I took this photo last week in Manhattan:

A HEAVY psychological war is going on here that is hurting my soul.

For starters, they advertise as "THE" flat belly tea.

This means there are many other companies selling similar products which would ALSO lead me to believe that this is a lucrative product!

They list every fitness catchphrase and term every marketer uses to sell health and fitness: gluten-free, "removes waste", organic, "burn fat"

Including some real head scratchers.

"Are you strengthening your colon?"

How the hell do you strengthen your colon ?!

This reminds me of the brilliant Saturday Night Live skit about "Colon Blow" cereal:

But I digest digress …

People buy this stuff even knowing it probably won't work.

Like buying a lottery ticket, even when we know the chances of winning are 0% – what we are really buying is "hope":

  • To hope that this will actually work – contrary to the last 10 attempts.
  • To hope With one drink we can overcome bad decisions for 20 years.
  • To hope that this product gives us the confidence and self-love we deserve.

Do not get me wrong.

"Hope is a good thing and no good thing ever dies."

I just hate it when the hope is armed to sell you expensive snake oil and nicely wrapped fluff.

This is what we are rebelling against here in the NF Rebellion: marketers and companies that suck so bad they take advantage of our hopes and fears and sell snake oil in a bottle.

We also rebel against that voice in our head speaking to us, calling us a mistake for not being in shape yet, and berating each other every time we break down and eat a cookie.

I don't say any more

Let's fight with fire Fire Science.

How Much Exercise Do I Have to Do to Lose Weight?

There are some generally accepted truths when it comes to weight loss.

All of these come with luggage, and your results will vary depending on yours

If I put all of that aside, I'll try to keep things simple just to prove my point.

Let's take a (understandably) simplified look at weight loss: One pound of fat is about 3,500 calories.

This would mean either eating 3,500 fewer calories or burning an additional 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound.

So … how long does it take to burn 3,500 extra calories a week?

Let me answer one question with another question:

… How many hours do you have?

Studies show that walking or running a mile burns an extra 100 calories.

So you'd have to be Run / walk another 5 miles a day, 7 days a weekto lose a pound a week.

I don't know about you, but I don't have time to run an extra 5 miles a day.

I don't want to either!

Not only that, but as you'll see below – that idea of ​​just burning 500 extra calories a day to lose a pound a week only works early on.

You will quickly run into speed bumps and roadblocks – figurative ones, try to avoid the real ones on your run – that will slow your progress down significantly.

Simply put, it has proven difficult to train yourself thin time and again.

Here are three such reports:

# 1) Many people develop an increased appetite from exercise, which does not result in weight loss. Time Magazine got into trouble for pointing it out – even though they were right!

# 2) This 2011 study concluded:

"In overweight and obese populations … our results show that aerobic exercise in isolation is not an effective therapy for weight loss. "

# 3) Another study compared people who were dieting to people who were just exercising:

The body weight decreased by 10% in the diet group and by 9% in the diet exercise group, but not in the exercise group or the control group.

What I'm trying to say and a lesson we're trying to understand at Nerd Fitness: "You can't escape your fork"

… And the bad news isn't over yet.

How our metabolism reacts to a calorie deficit (our body ruins everything!)

When you start losing weight, your resting metabolism slows down.

You might think this is some kind of evil sorcery that "He Who Must Not Be Called" deserves, but alas – it's just 2nd grade math.

As you start losing weight there are fewer of you who need "fuel".

In other words, your metabolism doesn't have to work as hard to strengthen all of your body functions, it has less weight to carry and therefore burns significantly fewer calories than it did when you were much taller.

Here is the estimated daily calorie burn at rest ("sitting on your ass all day") of a 35 year old male nerd with 3 very different weights – which you can learn from our calorie calculator:

  • 300 lbs: 2,600 calories.
  • 250 lbs: 2,300 calories.
  • 200 lbs: 2,000 calories.

WHAT THAT MEANS: Unless you adjust your caloric intake as your weight drops. Your previous caloric intake will become less and less effective in losing weight until you reach equilibrium.

In other words: That person could be eating 2,300 calories a day and losing 50 pounds (from 300 pounds to 250 pounds) over time, but this is where they're going to strike the balance: calorie expenditure equals calorie expenditure.

In order for him to lose the next 50 pounds, he needs to reduce his caloric intake even further and then stick to that calorie consumption to lower the weight.

And then it gets worse!

There are buckets of anecdotal evidence of a physical trait called "adaptive thermogenesis."

Which has nothing to do with the band Genesis – although you are welcome to listen to "Invisible Touch" now.

It could ease the blow while you learn about "adaptive thermogenesis".

"Adaptive thermogenesis" refers to the process by which our bodies adjust based on the number of calories burned – and do whatever it takes to maintain the body fat we have.

Our bodies WANT to maintain the extra body fat we have ("I don't know when I need this, better save") and actively work together to maintain it – even after losing a few pounds while running. It will keeping the weight down can be an ongoing challenge.

As detailed in this article above:

"In long-term studies of weight-reduced children and adults, 80% to 90% revert to their previous weight percentiles, while studies of those who successfully achieve sustained weight loss indicate that maintaining a reduced level of body fat is likely to require lifelong meticulous attention to ingestion and the consumption of energy. "

This is why so many people can lose weight but cannot seem to maintain the weight.

This also doesn't even take into account all the other problems surrounding our body: Environmental issues (you can smell Cinnabon minutes before you see it!), Mental health issues, menopause, various drug side effects, hormones, depression, anxiety, and other problems.

These things cause our bodies to crave food, try to store food, and make it difficult for us to keep our caloric intake under control because chocolate cake.

To recap:

  • You can't train your way to weight loss.
  • Your metabolism slows down when you lose weight.
  • Your environmental and food scientists are trying to get you to overeat.
  • Your body will try to hold onto its fat reserves.
  • Even if you lose weight, your body wants to keep the fat it has.
  • If you lose weight you need to keep working on it or you will gain weight again.

This is all terrible, terrible, not good, very bad news.

And the hardest truth of all, because of the factors above, it may not be your fault that you are overweight … but it is your responsibility to navigate!

I know, I know.

There are, however TO HOPE!

And here at Nerd Fitness – and in the Star Wars universe – rebellions are built on hope.

We have thousands of success stories from people who thought they couldn't lose weight … until they did.

People picked up and kept it off.

Older and taller people have more children, less money, more illnesses, and greater difficulties than you do.

It's a constant fight, but one that is absolutely worth fighting.

And that means you are not broken. You have no metabolic damage. You are not doomed.

Sure you are flawed.

But so are your heroes.

You might play Life on Legendary Difficulty, but people like you did it.

First of all, all the tools at our disposal are used as the forces acting against us do the same.

Let's get nerdy.

Do you want to lose weight and get strong like Leslie? Find out more about our online coaching program!

The science of fat loss

YESIt would be awesome if you could have a tea or wrap yourself in plastic and it would magically make you lose weight or fat.

YESIt would be amazing if a 30 minute bootcamp class was enough to enable you to eat junk food all day every day and not gain a pound.

YESIt would be amazing if you could take a magic pill that reverses the last decade of damage you've done to your body.

It would also be cool if superheroes were real and I could fly.

Well not like that.

Come on, Aquaman. People can see you.

We live in a world of science, physics and thermodynamics.

That is, we should ALWAYS look at life through the following lenses:

  1. Occam's razor: The simplest explanation is probably the right one.
  2. Energy law: Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be converted.
  3. Reality: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Let's apply this to our waistline:

When we are overweight

It's not because we have “toxins” in our bodies that need to be flushed out.

It's not because we didn't spend enough time in the “fat burning zone” during our "Muscle Confusion" boot camp.

It's not because we chose the wrong fat burning tea.

These are all pseudoscientific buzzwords for selling products and have no truth in what they claim.

Occam's razor dictates that The simplest solution is probably the right one.

What is the simple explanation for why we are overweight?

Every day we consume food that is converted into energy.

This food has three options once it enters our body:

  1. Refuel our body functions: fuel our organs, regulate our body temperature, etc.
  2. Pass as waste: pee and poop.
  3. Be stored as fat: saved for a rainy day.

When we are overweight, we use more “energy” than our body needs every day. Since our body doesn't need everything, too much is stored as fat.

This brings us to the main point of our nutritional focus:

If weight loss is our goal, we need to consume LESS calories than we burn on a regular basis.

In this way, our body has no choice but to immerse itself in this “rainy day” fund of fat reserves in order to still do all of its physical tasks every day.

Do this consistently and this is how we get a lower number on the scale and a smaller pant size.

“Steve, I know I should be eating less. It's consistent, that's the hard part. Have you tried CAKE ?! "

Great point.

And yes, cake is great.

But we have to start somewhere!

And here it starts:: We need to eat fewer calories, but it also has to be sustainable and enjoyable, otherwise we will never stick with it.

And temporary changes produce temporary results. We want permanent weight loss!

Just saying "eat less" doesn't take into account the insane biological, physiological, and / or emotional challenges we face every day:

We could eat when we are stressed, depressed, or bored.

We may be taking medications that cause us to overeat without our realizing it.

We can't just eat a potato chip without eating a whole bag.

We absent-mindedly pick up a handful of Peanut M & Ms when we visit Kevin in accounting.

Not only that, but when we pay attention to what we eat, studies show that we often underestimate our calorie consumption by 30 +%.

Damn. It's getting worse and worse!

What is a smart nerd supposed to do in this scenario?

If we KNOW we are overeating without realizing it, and we KNOW that limiting calories is difficult, it is the only way to attack the problem different.

Not with fit tea.

Not even with body wraps.

Not with "muscle confusion".

But with science, math and psychology.

What to eat to lose weight

If weight loss is the goal, we need to shift our food choices to foods that give us more bang for the buck – healthy, filling, nutritious foods this fills us up and makes us less likely to overeat calorie-bombing foods.

These foods allow us to feel full, but still keep us below our calorie goal for the day:

  • Protein like meat, fish, eggs and so on.
  • Fruits like apples, bananas, berries.
  • Vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale.
  • Quinoa, legumes, oats, rice and potatoes.

These are foods that take up a lot of space in our stomachs and make us feel full.

If we do this consistently, regularly, and without misery, we have a long-term chance to lose weight and keep it off.

Compare this to foods that don't fill us up, but are loaded with calories. This makes it very easy to overeat without even realizing it.

  • High-calorie, easy-to-overeat foods such as bread, chips, pasta.
  • Sodas and juices and sugary coffee beverages.
  • Candy, cookies, crackers, etc.

To really bring this point home …

As we said in "Can You Burn Fat And Gain Muscle At The Same Time?" This is what 200 calories look like thanks to WiseGEEK.

Which ones do you think will make you feel full and which ones will you eat more than you think?

Can you make yourself stop after 2/3 of a bagel or small handful of pasta?

Of course not!

Another example – here are 200 calories of broccoli:

"Steve, that's an absurd amount of broccoli."

Yup. It's also the same number of calories as 2/3 of a bagel (which doesn't even have the calories from cream cheese or butter).

Now it's offensive to say, "You should be eating more broccoli and less bagels. That's your problem."

I just want to point this out to highlight the difference between energy (calories) and volume.

(Do you hate broccoli and vegetables? Read about how vegetables taste good!)

Depending on what you eat, you may feel “OH SO FULL” or “Why am I hungry again? MAMP MAMP MAMP. "

Which does ______________ mean…

If you can start making SMALL changes of your own by replacing junk foods with nutrient-dense, low-calorie foods like protein, fruits, and vegetables – occasionally, this will shift the energy balance back in the right direction.

You are more likely to eat fewer calories than you burn, which puts you under your daily balance.

Do this consistently and you will start drawing from those fat stores.

And in the end we have the holy grail:

Sustainable, not miserable weight loss.

This is actually the secret sauce for ALL popular diets these days.

As we highlight in our "What is the Perfect Diet?" Article, get all popular diets to eat more REAL food and less junk food.

They all have their own unique marketing spin on selling cookbooks, courses, and subscriptions.

Let's look at each of these diets in a nutshell:

  • Paleo: Cut out cereals and dairy products. Consume only meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts.
  • Keto: Cut out ALL carbohydrates. Consume only meat, vegetables, nuts and fatty sauces.
  • Intermittent fasting: Cut out a whole meal every day.
  • Mediterranean cuisine: Focus on real foods with whole grains. Cut out processed foods.
  • Carnivore Diet: Eat only meat. Remove everything else.
  • Military diet:: Never mind. Please do not do this diet.

ANY any of the above diets will result in temporary weight loss if you follow the rules closely, but not for the reason you think they are.

It's not because we're supposed to eat like cavemen (even though we are), or that our bodies work differently on a ketogenic diet (it works), or that fasting has many health benefits (it does!).

These things are like 2% of the reason they work for weight loss. (2% is a statistic that I created to emphasize the lesser importance of an additional benefit compared to the overall picture.)

The other 98%: They make us more likely, on average, to use fewer calories than we normally eat, resulting in long-term weight loss … if you can stick with it.

And every diet has rules and guidelines that cater to the specifics of individual people.

If you're unsure of how to eat, what diet to choose, and worry about whether or not you can even stick to it, you are not alone.

That's why we created our 1-to-1 coaching program!

To help people like you change their food habits for permanent weight loss results without feeling unhappy!

No more confusion or frustration! Just a supportive coach to answer your questions and follow a plan. Learn more:

What diet should i choose to lose weight?

Almost ANY diet will work in the short term as they all result in a temporary calorie restriction. Any of the above diets will also leave you failing in the long term as you will have to follow the diet permanently to get the results permanently!

So in my opinion, all you should do is follow a strict diet like the ones above if you can see that you will stick to it consistently for the next 10 years.

"Steve, this is melodramatic. Come on."

That's what I've decided.

If a diet sounds too restrictive to be followed permanently, it is too restrictive for weeks or months of your life to be spent on it!

After all, temporary changes are synonymous with temporary results.

You are better off choosing a diet that you feel confident will be able to stick with permanently. You should think in "days and years", not "weeks and months!"

Here is the end goal we are working towards:

Sustainable weight loss, weight maintenance, and actually enjoying life.

Look in the mirror and be happy with what you see knowing the weight is off.

And above all “normal” behavior that enables us to enjoy life, to eat well with friends and family, but also to achieve our goals.

Not temporary changes, but rather permanent small adjustments that adjust over time as we start seeing results and building momentum.

Sounds good?

Let's get back to basics and learn about the food we put into our bodies.

Cool? Cool.


Conservatively, weight training is the greatest thing ever invented in galaxy history.

Okay, maybe it's third after Strom and Nintendo.

But I'm saying this to make a point.

There is a huge difference between "training" and weight training when it comes to body composition.

We cover this in great detail in our article “Can I lose weight and gain muscle?”. Articles – this is one giant Harry Potter allegory that you will love – but I'll share the basics here.

If your goal is consistent, permanent, healthy weight loss and weight management, then 80-90% of the battle will be nutrition,

When it comes to exercise, you really only need to focus on TWO things:

  • What exercise do you love Good. Do that.
  • Weight training as often as you can.

I will address the first one quickly.

When you do the sport you love, you are exercising your heart and body well. You remember, "I live healthy," so you should be more likely to stick to your healthy eating strategy.

Notice that I said, "exercise you love."

If you hate running, never run a mile again.

Do you hate going to the gym? Never put foot in one.

Hate boot camps? Me too. Don't do it.

Instead, go rock climbing or hiking, or do yoga or swing dancing or LARPing.

Really anything that gets you off your ass and gets you moving. Cool? Cool.

No more exercise that you hate. Let's put together a fun exercise program for you! Learn more:

How strength training helps you lose weight

Your body works differently when you exercise strength in the right way.

We have a full sequence of Weight Training 101 to get you started, but I'm going to whet your appetite with the neriest metaphor ever.

You can find study after graduation after graduation This shows you the advantages of strength training for weight management in combination with "calorie reduction".

Let me explain it briefly here and borrow it from Harry Potter:

(You know the wizard.)

At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, upon arrival, all students wear the "sorting hat," an actual hat that determines which house (group) the child will join for their time at Hogwarts.

The hat looks almost like a traffic manager:

“Harry, you will go to Gryffindor! Draco, you will go to Slytherin! "

Your body works very similarly: every day it receives new calories (when you eat) and has to decide what to do with them!

For example:

They eat a large Hawaiian pizza and 20 ounces of Mountain Dew. Your body has to do SOMETHING with all of these calories.

Let's look at the three most common results for simplicity.

These calories are sorted into one of three houses:

A: Burn for fuel.
B: Build muscle again.
C: Store as fat.

Your body sorts most of these calories into "Burn for Fuel". There are a number of calories your body burns every day: just to keep your liver working, your heart pumping, your brain working, etc. – it burns a fair amount of calories just to keep the lights on hold.

Here are two short examples (from our TDEE calculator!):

  • A 6 & # 39; & # 39 ;, 34 year old man weighing 250 pounds burns 2,300 calories a day if only he exists.
  • A 5 & # 39; 5 ”, 40 year old woman weighing 140 pounds will burn 1,350 calories a day if only she exists.

If you don't do any exercise now and use MORE calories than you burn daily, the “sorting hat” in your body has to put these calories somewhere!

Where do you think they are sorted?

"C: Save as fat."

However, your body's sorting behavior changes as you exercise strength.
Especially when you're exercising in a way that really challenges your muscles. It totally depends on where you are in your life right now:

  • HEAVY weight training can be a 500-pound deadlift or a 5-pound barbell curl.
  • INTENSIVE bodyweight training can be a handstand push-up or a knee push-up.

When you exercise strength – by picking up something heavy – your muscles will "break down" during the exercise itself and then build up stronger over the next 24-48 hours.

Guess what happens during those 24-48 hours?

Your body will divert as many calories as possible to "rebuild muscle!"

It also redirects extra calories to "burn as fuel" to handle this increased "muscle building" activity.

This means two amazing things:

  • Your metabolism will speed up during this period and burn more calories than normal.
  • Rebuilding muscles is a high calorie activity!

There are significantly fewer calories for "save as fat".


If you are consuming fewer calories than your body burns each day, continuing weight training will make your body even smarter.

Let's imagine a scenario where you eat fewer calories than you burn each day:

  • You exercise strength regularly and your muscles break down and need to be rebuilt.
  • You are not consuming enough calories compared to the number of calories your body needs to rebuild muscle and refuel itself.
  • So your body just turns off?


Your body has prepared for this by storing excess calories in the “Store as Fat” house over the years.

This is the moment your body has been saving for.

This means your body can pull from "store as fat" to make sure all the work is still done, including your daily functions as a human, and that muscle is being rebuilt.

This is the Tri-Wizard Trophy (1) of Victory of Physical Transformation:

  • You get stronger and you keep the muscle you have.
  • You are burning the fat that you want to get rid of.
  • You decrease your body fat percentage and keep your muscles = look good naked.

This would be a "win-win-win" situation, according to Michael Scott, Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

Do you want help learning strength training? You can build your own training or work with one of our trainers who will create a customized program tailored to your goals and lifestyle.

We'll even make sure you do the movements correctly via video because we're so nice 🙂

Learn How To Get Strong With Our Online Coaching Program! Learn more:

BACK TO BASICS: How to Guarantee Successful Weight Loss

If you're still reading, there is still hope for you.

You can do this – but you have to be smart and hardworking! Stop skinning yourself and stop trying to get fit quickly.

Instead, take this one day at a time. We are here for you!

We talk about proper nutrition in our great Healthy Eater guide and go into more depth about the specific foods we recommend, but this is where it starts:

  • You need to eat fewer calories than you do now to lose weight, permanently.
  • Der beste Weg, dies zu tun, besteht darin, mehr Protein und GemĂĽse auf Ihren Teller zu setzen.
  • Krafttraining verbessert Ihre Ergebnisse, baut Muskeln auf und verbrennt zusätzliches Fett.

Verstehen Sie, dass Sie zu viel essen, und verzeihen Sie sich dies – die meisten Lebensmittel wurden so konzipiert, dass Sie zu viel essen!


# 1) Versprechen Sie, den Kauf von Schlangenöl einzustellen. Wenn Sie sich nicht sicher sind, Fragen Sie sich: "Klingt das zu gut, um wahr zu sein?" und "Was würde Steve tun?"

Außerdem: Hör auf, Übungen zu machen, die du hasst, nur um Gewicht zu verlieren. Wählen Sie Übungen aus, die Ihnen Spaß machen, und konzentrieren Sie sich stattdessen ganz darauf, Ihre Ernährung langsam anzupassen!

Meide die dunkle Seite und kehre zum Licht zurĂĽck!

# 2) Seien Sie bei Ihren Entscheidungen bewusst. Jede Kalorie zählt. Jede Entscheidung zählt. Treffen Sie also EINE andere Entscheidung, weil Sie sich mehr darüber im Klaren sind, was Sie in Ihren Körper stecken.

Trinkwasser statt Soda oder Saft.

Einmal pro Woche einen Salat gegen Pommes tauschen. Es zählt alles, aber treffen Sie Ihre Entscheidung absichtlich.

Du bist eine kluge Person. Sie wissen, welche Lebensmittel tägliche Grundnahrungsmittel sein sollten und welche Lebensmittel gelegentliche Leckereien sein sollten. Es zählt alles. Treffen Sie also EINE Entscheidung anders, um sich selbst zu beweisen, dass Sie sich ändern können.

# 3) Informieren Sie sich über die Portionsgröße von EINEM Lebensmittel, das Sie regelmäßig essen. Google es. Finden Sie heraus, ob das, was Sie DENKEN, eine Portion ist und was tatsächlich in einer Portion enthalten ist, annähernd genau ist.

Es könnte Sie überraschen, Folgendes herauszufinden:

  • Eine Portion Pasta ist die HĂ„LFTE der Größe, die Sie normalerweise zu Ihrer Mahlzeit zu sich nehmen.
  • Wie viel Erdnussbutter wird als Portion angesehen (Hinweis: Es ist nicht viel).
  • Diese eine Flasche Green Machine Naked Juice enthält 2,5 Portionen.

Ich möchte nicht, dass Sie das Essen oder die Portionen noch ändern. Ich möchte nur, dass Sie sich darüber informieren, was Sie essen, und es damit vergleichen, wie viel Sie dachten, Sie würden essen.


Wenn Sie mehr praktische Anleitung suchen, haben wir drei Möglichkeiten für Sie!

1) 1-zu-1 Online-Coaching-Programm! Wenn das nach Ihnen klingt und Sie nach Ernährungsberatung, maßgeschneiderten Krafttrainingsroutinen nur für Ihre Situation und fachkundiger Rechenschaftspflicht suchen, würden wir uns freuen, Ihre Geschichte zu hören!

Keine Diät mehr. Keine Schande mehr. Nur Ergebnisse und ein unterstützender Trainer! Mehr erfahren:

2) Wenn Sie eine Roadmap für einen nachhaltigen Gewichtsverlust wünschen, lesen Sie NF Journey. Unsere unterhaltsame App zum Aufbau von Gewohnheiten hilft Ihnen dabei, häufiger Sport zu treiben, gesünder zu essen und Ihr Leben (im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes) zu verbessern.

Probieren Sie Ihre kostenlose Testversion hier aus:

3) Mach mit bei der Rebellion! Treten Sie unserer kostenlosen E-Mail-Liste und Community bei – ich versende zwei lustige E-Mails pro Woche – und ich sende Ihnen unseren kostenlosen 10-stufigen Ernährungsleitfaden zusammen mit einer Reihe anderer kostenloser Boni. Erhalten Sie sie, wenn Sie sich in das unten stehende Feld eintragen:

Laden Sie unseren kostenlosen Gewichtsverlust-Leitfaden herunter

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  • 3 Einfache Regeln, die wir jeden Tag befolgen, um das Ziel zu erreichen

# 4) Mach ein Krafttraining! Wir haben hier auf Nerd Fitness so viele tolle kostenlose Optionen für Sie. Wählen Sie diejenigen aus, die auf Sie herausspringen!

"Was ist die größte Frage, die Sie in Bezug auf Ernährung, Krafttraining und Gewichtsverlust haben?"

Oh und bitte, geh und iss ein Gemüse 🙂


PS: Ich weiß, dass dies HOFFNUNGSVOLL selbstverständlich ist, aber dies ist das Internet: Ich verstehe vollkommen, dass dieses Problem anfangs sehr kompliziert ist. Wenn Sie ein hormonelles Ungleichgewicht haben, PCOS, das aus einer Reihe von Gründen Medikamente einnimmt, kann dies auch Ihr Gewicht beeinflussen.

BITTE sprechen Sie mit Ihrem Arzt über Ihr Gewicht und alle Änderungen, die Sie vornehmen möchten!


Fotoquelle: Einen schönen Sonntag für Sie, Kann ich Ihr Fahrrad haben, Geschwindigkeit!, Schwimmbad, Pizzalabor, Abendessen ist eingestellt, Happy Montag!, Geschwindigkeit.

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